June 2012
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Why does your body hold on to "Fat"?

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Why does your body hold on to "Fat"?


Why are people getting fat in the first place and why are their bodies holding on for dear life to this fat, even trapping it in fat cells. Is it because of the lack of exercise? The fact is most people don't like to exercise and those that are overweight surely don't like to. These same type of people always existed, but they weren't fat decades ago. So what has happened?


The reason is that their bodies are being overwhelmed by sugars, hidden sugars and carbohydrates at every meal and with every snack. The body will use some of this sugar for energy, but the excessive sugar represents a problem and must be dealt with, as it is toxic to the cells, arteries and tissues. The body's response is to release insulin. The action of insulin is to take excessive sugar and store it in the muscles and liver. But there is only so much room there and the excess gets stored in fat cells.


Insulin also serves to keep the fat stored in the fat cell, "locked up" until the blood sugars are low again. The high carbohydrate diets lead to this, leaving very little energy for our muscles and organs.


Low energy leads to feeling hungry all the time. As the energy supply dwindles, all cellular functions slow down which makes us feel lazy. The result is Hungry and Lazy. This entire system will off set any reduction in calories, resulting in no weight loss.


Worse than this, the body will use energy from lean body mass and organs instead of the impacted fat. Eating less food creates a greater impact on the muscles and organs. The individual may lose weight, but it will be loss of lean muscle weight, not fat.


So the answer is simply a matter of being able to access our fat reserves. This can be done by several means:


1. Eliminate the foods that are stimulating the excessive insulin. This is nearly impossible without help because the body rebels against it because exhaustion sets in. Therefore we need assistance, something that stimulates fat to leave the fat cells and burn as energy, increases energy, and turns off the addiction center of the brain to carbs. There is only one product.


2. Take the new unique product developed by Dr. Lundell, a Yale trained cardiovascular surgeon. He has figured it out. I have met with him personally and this is real. We have it in stock.


3. For those inclined, do 2 sessions per week of a specific type of weight lifting.


If you fall into the category of being overweight by any amount, crave carbohydrates, feel tired all the time, too lazy to exercise or the exercise doesn't work, make an appointment, a phone consult or just call and ask for the product. Let's get you on the right track. 


By Dr. Edward D. Wagner DC

Wagner Holistic Center