May 2016               

What does SmartMelter have in common with brain cancer research? 

Detecting glass infiltration into furnace insulation walls is all about looking for an anomaly.  Our Furnace Tomography Sensor (FTS) uses advanced algorithms to identify glass infiltration in refractory insulation, indicating that glass has started to penetrate the wall. This is the same technique that is used to detect anomalies in brain tissue, indicating the presence of a tumor.

This is just one example of the ground-breaking technologies PaneraTech has developed.  We have a world class engineering team that includes several PhD's. Our engineers come from a diverse background of experience with advanced radar technology, including work on detecting brain cancer to developing thru-wall radar solutions for special operations forces. When you combine top talent with an innovative, problem-solving culture, the results are revolutionary.

Breaking barriers is difficult, but it is at the heart of everything we do. We look for unsolvable challenges and bring the most qualified engineers to the job to solve them. Read more about the FTS sensor, and its validation trial at the link below.

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