What is the annual number of graduates from
Palestinian Schools of Engineering?

What is the average unemployment rate
among those recent graduates?

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The Palestinian students who graduated, like graduates in engineering schools throughout the world had to work hard to complete their engineering degrees. In addition, since most Palestinian students do not reside on campus, they start their days very early in order to get through checkpoints and other constraints on movement to be on time for classes. In some instances when these students were denied passage, they missed critical exams. Yet, these Palestinian students persisted and completed their degrees in engineering.

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Palestinian Schools of Engineering awarded undergraduate degrees to 2,623 students in 2015 and to 2,761 students in 2016.

The engineering fields included computer, construction, electric & industrial automation, geomatics, medical instruments, telecommunications, industrial food manufacturing,civil, electric, architecture, mechanical, mechanical-cars, mechanical-AC-heating systems, mechatronics, electronic, chemical, material, environmental and power technology.

The Schools of Engineering included Al Najjah University, Alquds University, Al Azhar University, Arab American University-Jenin, Birzeit University, Islamic University, Palestine's Tech University of Khadouri, Palestine's Tech School-Deir Al Balah and Palestine's Politechnic-Hebron.

The unemployment rate among engineering graduates in 2015 was 36% with the rates for specific fields ranging between 17% and 66%.