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Heather Donaldson
Natures Way Holistic Health

Celebrating 10+ years of mobile massage in the Sea to Sky Corridor!

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Feel the love, peace and joy within and create it around you during this wonderful season

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December, 2015



It's a beautiful season. I'm feeling the love and community spirit and hope you are too. Just a few holiday ideas  to give you more ease this month.  

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  • MY GIFT:  Join us at Oxygen Squamish as I lead: Tapping Away Holiday Stress with EFT* on Sunday Dec. 13 at 2pm Refreshments will be served.   

  • Extending the sweetest deal I've ever given:  Get popular 
    Couples Massage (30 min+ each)
     50% off*
    *Make it a gift certificate if you like!
    Relaxed couple receiving a back massage against heart
    Mobile massage will  extend your apres massage bliss

Book your holiday massage online before the spots are all taken.
If you are real geeky, down-load the Mind-body CONNECT App and book me from your mobile phone

  Healer s outstretched open hand surrounded by random wise healing words on a rustic stone effect background
* EFT (tapping)  is a unique  and powerful tool you can use on your own. Emotional Freedom Technique is like a fast acting drug for calming but no side-effects. We'll have fun with it and demo any use you would like:  to stave off a craving for some holiday food in front of you, to alleviate break-up heartbreak or to calm your anger with  the family "dramas". There is a reason it is so popular now that even Oprah is raving about it!   A definite must in your repertoire of holistic health tools. 

In case you missed these  Ongoing Opportunities:

 Enjoy an  EFT 30-minute relationship breakthrough session free
    Just call 604-815-3436 604-815-3436  or send me an email CLICK 

Try an EFT combo with massage or shiatsu

Still booking at Westcoast Reiki Centre 
for shiatsu, EFT or massage appointments on Tuesdays (other days by special arrangement)
Refer a Vancouver friend and you get an extra long session next time you see me!

CLICK for Centre's website   

Meet me at the Winter market Saturdays 10:00- 
Nov. 28, Dec 12/19, Jan 30, Feb 13/27
I'll train your children to help with the massage!

This season's Testimonials
(just so you know I haven't lost my touch!) 
 Just a few short phrases about how people felt: 
EFT: Two woman reported: I felt lighter and happier for days afterwards . It really helped me and I've been using it on my own and shifting to get past difficult emotional times.

Massage:   Male client: Thanks again for the great massage! I slept like a baby last night:)

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