"Why I resigned as principal!"
AEROx 2 Still has Openings

Go to the AEROx Gathering  in Massachusetts September 30th-October 2nd
We had so much fun at the first AEROx at Earthlands in Petersham, MA last year that we decided to do it again this year, but earlier, so that people can be there at the start of the fall foliage season and when it's warmer..  

Peter Gray, unschooling and Sudbury expert who just keynoted the AERO in Portland will be a keynoter!

The cost is only $200, with $175 for students. But this includes everything:  registration, lodging, and meals from Friday night's dinner to Sunday lunch! E mail or call for child and group rates.  

You can see pictures of last year's event here.

We have room for one or two more workshops. Send them to  pberg7468@gmail.com ,  
*Parts and Crafts will do one of their famous maker workshops. 
*A universality of natural teaching in adults
*Turn on your empathic intelligence
Enjoy living off-the-grid, in environmentally sustainable buildings for a weekend.

People can also camp on the site.    

To read more about AEROx go here.

To register go here. See you there.   

Dear Mayor Emanuel: I Resign My Position as Principal of the #1 Rated Neighborhood School in Chicago
By Troy LaRaviere

Dear Mayor Emanuel:

In 2010 Chicago Magazine  ranked Blaine Elementary School  as the 16th best elementary school in Chicago, and the 6th best neighborhood school.  After being hired to lead Blaine in the fall of 2011, I told my Local School Council (LSC) I had a "six-year plan" to turn Blaine into the #1 neighborhood school in Chicago.

I have the pleasure of informing you that I lived up to my promise to the Blaine LSC, and I did so a year earlier than promised. Last Monday, Chicago Magazine released its  elementary school rankings for 2016 .  Blaine is now ranked as the #1 neighborhood school in Chicago, and #3 public school in the City overall.  In the process, working with motivated teachers and engaged parents, we increased the percentage of students meeting reading standards from an already high 79% to 89% in just our first two years.  That kind of growth from an already high performing school-without the addition of a selective enrollment program-is unprecedented.

Read the rest here.
See Replay of School Starters Webinar 
Only once a year we have a free school starters webinar. It was on Thursday, September 8th. You can see it here and even send in a new question which we'll respond to. Also, we have continued the sale rate for the course a few days more. It is still only $899 right now. Plus we do have some limited scholarship funds. reply to this e news to communicate about that, or write to jerryaero@aol.com

You can register for the course here and reserve one of the 25 spots. We have a few left. 

How long have you been talking about starting a new educational alternative? We'd like to help you make that dream a reality!

The 11th AERO Online School Starter Course will begin on September 26th, 2016. That's only 2 weeks away! It will run until January. Enrollment is limited to 25 participants. Up to five people can participate from each site without additional cost.
AERO has helped start more that 100 educational alternatives. You can see a partial list  here. Since AERO's mission is the Education Revolution, we try to help people create as many learner-centered alternatives as we can. This course has been the most effective way we have discovered to help people go from their dream and vision to the reality of a new, vibrant educational alternative.
Read the rest here.
How Education Fails Technology (And What to Do About It)
By  Mark E. Weston

Education has failed technology. Yes, you read that correctly. Education has failed technology.

To understand why this is, not vice versa, requires understanding what the research literature makes clear: It is possible to get all children learning at levels beyond their respective aptitudes. The same literature, however, makes clear that such levels of learning rarely occur outside one-to-one tutoring settings. Let's unpack these seemingly contradictory statements to shed light on why education has failed technology and what we can do about it.

Read the rest here.
A New York Guide on How to Grow Your State's Opt Out Movement
by Long Island Opt Out's Jeanette Deutermann

The opt out movement in NY sprang to life in 2012 with a handful of parents, scattered around Long Island, upstate, and downstate NY, deciding to refuse to allow their children to be subjected to the new NYS assessments. It was around this time that I was beginning to see the symptoms of high stakes testing on my own son, and research led me to the NYS Refuse the Tests Facebook group. I wanted to provide information on a local level, and in February 2013, Long Island Opt Out was created. Over the course of that year, activists from other areas of NY started similar opt out Facebook pages, and myself and other leaders began to communicate, coordinate, and share ideas. Leaders all across the state came together for a meeting on a summer day, and decided to form an "umbrella" organization so we could more formally coordinate the entire state. New York State Allies for Public Education was born. NYSAPE is critical for offering a unified voice for the entire state through press releases, 
a very strong social media presence, a share house of information and resources on our website and being the "go to" for quotes and responses for print, radio, and tv media.

Read the rest here.
SelfDesign Graduate Institute Fall 2016 Faculty Webinars

Integral Leadership in Business and Educational Organizations
with Anne Adams
Participants will gain an introduction to integrality through an exploration of their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual intelligences.
Sunday, September 25 at 4PM PDT 
Find out more and register!

See more SDGI Webinars here.
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