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Show your Community that Young People are part of the Solution not the Problem through Service Learning!
Use this comprehensive Ebook to provide you direction in leading your students into Project Based Learning. Your Teens and Community will never be the same!


Imagine for a minute that you had a guide that would provide you with ideas about how to have the students in your church be part of a community solution rather than being blamed as the problem., through project based learning!


A guide that would walk you through the steps to having your children and youth determine the needs in your community and how to develop solutions to fix them.

This comprehensive guide will help you understand the four stages of service-learning:

  1. Define the need through a community assessment
  2. Design the response to the need uncovered by the students
  3. Deliver the project plan
  4. Debrief the experience so students can learn about the impact they made
What's Inside?

In this 55 page Project Based Learning Ebook you will learn:

  • How to fund your service learning/project based learning event
  • How to lead the students to make their own discovery about the needs in their community, through team-building games
  • The project based learning manual has an easy to use Community Assessment, which the students use to learn about the needs in their community
  • The students will learn how to interview key community leaders to help them determine the community need. You will find directions on role-playing those interviews in the Ebook
  • Once the community assessment is completed, this guide book helps the students to analyze the data to learn what needs they will seek to meet in the community
  • As a leader you will learn how to help the students design their project based learning work in the community
  • To help the community see students being part of the solution and not the problem, you are provided with a sample Press Release to give to your local media outlets
  • With insight into project based learning, you will help the students deliver the project based learning event
  • And when it is all said and done, you will see how to lead a debriefing session using games provided in this guide to help the students learn from their project based learning

Summer time is a great time to get your students together to do a service learning project. Because this Ebook is so comprehensive, you will have everything you need to lead this life changing ministry.


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