How To Make This Your Best Sales Year Yet
How to make this your best sales year yet!
It’s the start of a new sales year! All around the sales world, kick off meetings are being planned, new quotas are being assigned, and sales people are setting their own personal achievement goals. As the old saying goes, "As we make our resolutions for the year ahead, let us go forward with great hope that all things can be possible."

Here are some tools that will help make this your best sales year yet !

Management Matters - Sales People Need A New Definition of Failure
Sara Bakely, the founder of Spanx and America's youngest female billionaire was taught a different definition of failure growing up. 

In my opinion, the same definition of failure should be applied to sales. 

Career Connections - 5 Steps to Take Charge of Your Own Job Search!
Did you know that for every job ad that you see, there are another 7 to 9 other jobs available that you don’t know even about?

Here is a five step process to take charge of your job search and actively go out and find your next career opportunity.

Channel Chat - Should I Consider Hiring an Independent Sales Agent?
According to information from the Research Institute of America, between 50 and 80 percent of manufacturers use independent sales representatives.

Should you consider hiring an independent sales agent?

Webinar - How to Define Sales Success On Your Own Terms and Then Achieve it!
If you struggled in 2017, if you did not reach your goals, or if you did not earn the income you wanted, you have probably asked yourself, “What do I have to do in 2018 to make this work?”

Join me, Susan A. Enns, author of Action Plan For Sales Success on Wednesday January 24, 2018 in my webinar where we will discuss how to define sales success on your own terms, and then create an action plan to achieve it.

Webinar doesn't fit your schedule?  Check out our webinar video recordings here.  They are available for instant download.
Remember as Richard Taylor once said, "your success tomorrow is in direct proportion to your commitment to excellence today." 
Aim Higher!

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