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Getting there and staying there
If you heard the words
iconic, New York and building,
what immediately comes to mind?
Most people would say the Empire State.
For me, there's only one -
the Chrysler Building!

Why is it my "top of mind?"
Because I love the way it's Art Deco silhouette
glistens and glitters like a precious jewel
in Manhattan's crown.
Like love at first sight,
it captured my heart and never let go!

Achieving top of mind
is what every growing
business aspires to.
But how to get to the top
and stay there?

1) Recognize it's a building process.
2) Figure out how to be different, in a good way.
3) Exposure, exposure, exposure!
4) Connect with customers.
5) Stay in their consciousness.

And to build lasting success,
never forget the underlying foundation....

To be top of mind,
you have to be top of heart!