SPRING 2015    


Spring is often filled with elections.  There's an old saying which states it only takes one new elected official to change the complexion and focus of the governing body.  Those staff members who partner with elected officials in shaping communities, find the experience both incredibly exhilarating and downright frustrating, all in the same day!  Click on Read More to review my list of the Four Answers on how to succeed at the Politics of Government.

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Hurst, Littleton and Scottsdale

Over the last few months, our team has consulted with different organizations of various sizes.

Patrick designed and facilitated an Advance meeting with the Executive Leadership Team of the City of Littleton, Colorado resulting in a series of targeted action steps to strengthen the workplace culture.


Implementing a Comprehensive Talent Management Program


Building a strong and capable workforce is a never-ending journey. Read our recommendations on how to transition from the workforce you have to the workforce you want.



Career Management in the 21st Century

The convergence of workforce trends impacting the landscape for public sector employment is unprecedented.  What do these trends mean for leaders of cities and towns who want to build their 21st century workforce? Old models must be discarded in favor of progressive and practical strategies and tools to attract, retain, and optimize talent - especially as it relates to establishing a robust career management program for employees.  


Upcoming Speaking Engagements

On July 13th, Patrick will be presenting the "Your Leadership Playbook" session at the FBI National Academy Associates Annual Conference  in September.

On September 26th, Patrick will be presenting two workshops, "Talent Management" and "Your Leadership Playbook" at the ICMA (International City/County Management Association) Conference in Seattle.

 In Sacramento, California Patrick will present the session - "Government's Crucial Employer Brand" - on October 1st at the League of California Cities Annual Conference.

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