How to Successfully Sell in the Summer!

How to Successfully Sell in the Summer!
Summer is here! Like it or not, once the kids are out of school, business tends to slow. If a prospect isn’t on vacation now, chances are he is about to, or is covering for someone who is. 

Want to some ideas how to successfully sell in the summer months?   

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Management Matters -  Does Your Sales Team have Enough Prospects To Carry Them Through The Summer?
Business can really slow down in the summer, and if your sales team does not have enough prospects in their funnel today, it can be a very difficult to make your sales goals this time of year.

Need an idea to boost your team's prospect list?

Career Connections - Make Sure You Continue Your Job Search in the Summer!
Have you found yourself saying “It’s the summer time. No use in job hunting now.” Stop!   The summer months are a great time to continue your job search.

Want to know why the summer is a great time to job hunt?

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Channel Chat -  How to Find & Recruit Commission Only Sales Agents in 30 Days
Searching for Commission Only Independent Sales Agents is not an easy job. However, if you are successful it can lead to double digit sales growth very quickly.

Need to find independent sales agents in 30 days?

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Webinar - What To Do Today To Sell More Tomorrow - Practical Tips to Sell More Immediately!

25 percent of sales representatives produce 90 to 95 percent of all sales. Clearly, most people who have chosen sales as their career are not selling up to their potential and therefore not making the incomes they could.

Want to learn sales techniques used by top producing sales professionals?

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Remember as Arnold Glascow once said, "Success is simple.  Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time." 

Aim Higher!

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