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Art by Helen Dardik

helen dardik paperchase lunchbox
Helen's lunchbox for PaperChase

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"Representing 38 artists inter-nationally, Lilla Rogers is one of the world's top illustration agents, and for the first time ever she will be sharing three decades' worth of knowledge and experience through a pioneering online course -
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The launch for course registration for was a fabulous success! There are some places left, but places will be strictly limited so join in this amazing experience to create amazing pieces of art, step by step, for each of the top markets for artists.  The course begins in JUNE! 


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Let's talk about what makes fabulous vector art; that is, art made using a vector program like Adobe Illustrator.  A Q&A mini art lesson with Lilla.

Q:  What's the right way to do a piece?  What does Illustrator do brilliantly?
A:  What Illustrator does so well is its ability to allow the artist to easily refine the shapes of every icon.  So it's a great opportunity to create all sorts of interesting characters and objects.  Vector is for the artist that likes to stylize the shapes of things. Even though the work is digitally made, line width can be varied, and textures can be created through importing scans of textures.

Q:  Can you discuss the wrong way to make vector art?
A:  The wrong way to do vector art is by making simple, less-interesting icon shapes that are repeated over and over in the same few colors.  It's very easy, but not very effective, to make a simple repeat pattern by cutting and pasting, and therefore, an uninteresting piece can be quickly made. 

Q:  Can you give a example of a terrific piece?
A:  I'm so glad you asked!  The piece (below) is by the beloved artist, Helen Dardik.  Look at the wit and charm of each animal, for example.  The letterforms are well-formed.  Some objects like the teapot and lemon are anthropomorphized  in a sweet way.   
Poster for Psikhouvanjou

 helen paperchase
Helen Dardik's collection for PaperChase

     Above: Helen creates a magical world; birds are singing out hearts in pink speech bubbles, boys have green pear heads.  Though residing in Canada, but originally from the Ukraine, you can clearly see Helen's authentic folk art influences.

In this repeat pattern (above), you see the very graceful
interconnectedness of the shapes.  They fit together beautifully.

Above:  Helen can do it all:  editorial, patterns, and people. 

    Above:  In this charming repeat pattern by Helen for Madison Park, you see how the florals and cats fit together like puzzle pieces.  The colors are absolutely gorgeous.  Helen often adds her signature quirky touch; in this case, it's the cat.   

Above: The boundless creativity of Helen Dardik. She made these stuffed characters, photographed them, and drew the apple and pear art on top.

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