Drones are revolutionizing pavement engineering by increasing the  speed
quality and efficiency of pavement inspections and remediation.
How it's normally done...

Typically an engineer must walk every inch of pavement on site (left) while taking hand-written notes that locate problem areas (right). This process takes a tremendous amount of time.

The result is a remediation plan like the one shown here. It features blocked out areas that represent locations of cracked pavement. This is often an issue as the actual cracks can extend past these areas over time, affecting the accuracy of the drawing.

How drones enhance the process...

Our drones fly over large sites in a  fraction of the time  it would take an engineer to walk them, capturing
high quality photos and videos
of paved areas (among other components).


In addition, our drone technology creates 3D models of entire sites (left). Zooming all the way into the community shown, the condition of paved areas can be seen with incredible detail (right). This process is also applicable to roofs and facades. 

The 3D model is then used to create an accurate remediation plan with blocks drawn around the actual pavement cracks. 
This eliminates any potential disputes over whether or not the areas shown in a spec are actually representative of the true conditions.
Kipcon has strategically aligned with international drone experts ABJ Drones, granting us access to the most current and cutting-edge drone technologies available. Such an alliance allows us to remain at the forefront of the drone inspection industry, providing our clients with the best results possible. 

Watch our drone inspection video here >

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