Spring - A Time of Renewal
In my former life (as a Parish Pastor), this was a very busy time of the year. The season of Lent is a time of reflection in many congregations - that means additional worship services, special events and much planning and creativity. And then came Easter - five worship services, much joy, loud singing, lilies, new clothes and a clear message of renewal and new life in a Savior who provides new life always.

The season of Lent culminates in Good Friday, Holy Saturday and then Easter Sunday. Each day I live, I am reminded of those three days as symbols and reminders of the patterns and rhythms of life. There are those days that seem dark and disastrous. There are the days that follow as we try to get used to new normals and realities. And then eventually there comes the days when we become open to hope and new possibilities and a renewed sense of life. God works in our lives through all of those times. I have come to know that our God of grace is always present, helping us as we move through the cycles of life to renewal and new life in God's grace!

A blessed Easter to all of you, 
Dr. Rick Armstrong
LCS Executive Director 
How well are you aging? 
Jennifer Bloom, MSW, RMHI
The Western world tends to discard people once they reach a certain age, and that age seems to be getting younger and younger. Our collective youth-obsessed society can be difficult and frustrating to combat. However, what most people over 50 know is that our older years are often our most joyous. These years are often free from the mundane, trivial noise that used to occupy our minds and hearts and rife with healthy priorities and perspective.

Research shows that to age well, we must change our negative perceptions about aging. Here are some tips to improve your mindset and our well-being that are applicable for all ages!
  1. Think Positive - Resist negative stereotypes. Seniors who think age equals wisdom are 40% more likely to recover from a disability.
  2. Eat Well -Research shows diets high in fresh fruit, veggies, whole grains, lean meat and fish helps ward off heart attacks, stroke and premature death.
  3. Move! - Staying physically fit may reduce age-related memory loss as it strengthens the hippocampus, the part of the brain associated with learning.
  4. Stay Mentally Active - Research is beginning to show that mental activity can protect against cognitive decline.
  5. Socialize - People of all ages with strong social ties have a 50% higher chance of living longer - and their resistance to diseases is also greater.
  6. Get enough sleep -Chronic lack of sleep adversely affects brain function and accelerates the aging process.

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