How will 2017 be different for you?

SET THE BAR program will help you ACHIEVE your GOALS!

GPPfitness FREE for a YEAR!!!*

*Participants in Full Year SET THE BAR program eligible for 1 annually awarded prize.
What do you want to achieve in 2017?
The sky's the limit!!

Is it completing your 1st 5k, getting your 1st kipping pull-up, or tri-ing your 1st triathlon...w hether the goal is fitness, wellness, or nutrition related...GPP is there to help!!
Have Nutrition Goals?
Do you want to lose weight, fit into that dress, or start eating clean? Whichever your goal, GPPnutrition will provide you with tips & group classes throughout the year during the SET THE BAR program!!

Want more personalized nutrition coaching? GPPnutrition has you covered with 2 Full Time Health Coaches, and we have a special running, 6months of GPPfitness + GPPnutrition for $200/month + tax*

*Limited spots available, 6 months commitment required

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