17th January 2014

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Conference:  Sir Bruce Keogh in conversation with Roy Lilley - Health-Chat  

19th Feb, Kings Fund, 6pm.  Book Here.  

Hug a Hubbie 
News and Comment from Roy Lilley

Take a break.  Get a cuppa-builder's and a packet of Hobnobs, sit down for 5 minutes and imagine an NHS revolution.


Imagine frontline staff and young leaders from across the entire NHS coming together entirely voluntarily to take ownership and transform the organisation in which they work and the care they deliver for patients.


Imagine the whole gamut of professions working together without central dictat, targets or top-down performance management  - nurses, junior doctors, support workers, commissioners, managers, accountants, consultants, student nurses, student doctors, graduate trainees.


Imagine they came direct from the frontline at all types of organisations - Mental Health Trusts, Acute Hospitals, Community Healthcare, NHS England, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Commissioning Support Units.


Imagine egos and seniorities were left at the door and they came together to learn from each other - no hierarchies, just mutual support.  Imagine they all respected and empowered one another and focused solely on outcomes for patients.


Imagine they ignored the Daily Snails and national media naysayers of this world and far away from tired media hacks, harnessed the power of social media and whatsapp to talk, enthuse and organise daily - literally 24/7 - with thousands of YouTube videos, Pinterest showcases, Tweets, Facebook updates and Blipfoto journals.  In the words of the song, a revolution not being televised.


Imagine that - then dunk yer Hobnob and pinch yourself.  Because all of that is being unleashed across the NHS as you read this. 


Direct from the frontline and through the power of a quite extraordinary bunch of young people around the country - totally devoted to the NHS but voraciously hungry for change.  They're the Change Day Regional Network Hubs, or the Hubbies as they like to call themselves.


The Hubbies are the engine behind Change Day 2014 which went live to the public this week and is being driven like nothing the NHS has ever seen before. And everyone's invited to be part of it.


Wherever you work in the NHS or wherever you receive care, there is a regional NHS Hubbie ready to help you. Anyone can join this revolution and help spread the Change Day message by joining their local network hub.   You can find details of them at the Change Day website at  




If you've got a great idea to make a difference in the NHS - no matter how big or small - the Hubbies can help you make a pledge.   If you want inspiration, support or access to materials or advice or contacts - they can find it for you.  You've got every opportunity and no excuse.


I'm told that the Hubbies are proving to be such an inspiration that  Helen Bevan and Jackie Lynton, the indefatigable agents for change at the NHSIQ Change Day team are taking themselves off on a 'Hub Crawl' around the country to see for themselves first hand what's going on.  I'm planning to join them... 


So go on.   Don't simply imagine.  Do something brilliant.  Get details of who's there locally to inspire and help you in your part of the world. 


Hug a Hubbie today.

.... and have a well deserved good weekend.

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New Health Chat
Sir Bruce Keogh
In conversation
with Roy Lilley
19th February - King's Fund
A chance to ask you question.  This is filling up.
This is what I'm hearing;
if you know different,
tell me here
>>  More turmoil in the CSU world - I'm hearing a major merge is on the way, disguised as a strategic alliance.  Midlands and Yorkshire.  Why don't they just throw in the towel?
>>  I'm hearing Figures from NHS Blood and Transplant show - about one in 80 blood donors is turned away due to delays, staff shortages or administrative errors, rather than a for a medical reason. This is an increase of 40 per cent in two years. Last year, 24,014 people arrived to give blood but were unable to due to administrative or clinic problems.