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1) France BANS WIFI for Toddlers, Recognizes Electrosensitivity, Changes Cell Tower and Cell Phone Laws
2) Video Pick of the Month
3) Disgusting-ness of the Month
4) The Stupidity of Smart Meters
5) Cell Phone's Downward Slide
7) Cell Towers Final Hours
8) CA CPUC Special
9) New EMF Scientific Studies
10) Other EMF Nightmares
11) EMF Experts Video Talks/Presentations
12) Please Do Your Homework!  Please?  :)
13) Big Brother Advances
14) Corpornment; The Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government
15) Geoengineering
16) Cancer Crimes
17) Chemical Mess
18) Fighting Back
19) Animals, Fish, Birds, Who Needs 'Em?

20) Food Glorious Food!
21) Water Woes
22) Etc.


Hello All,

WOW!!!  January was an unbelievable month for news and movement on the EMF issue!!  This is a HUGE news letter, a whole month's worth of news, but please check out as much of it as you can and pass it on.  I am a little FB illiterate so here is a link to this news letter you can post on FB if you like...



Today the French Parliament passed a law addressing electromagnetic
fields and electromagnetic hypersensitivity. While the new law does not
go nearly far enough, it is the first of its kind in the world. Among
its provisions are the following:

1. Anyone who intends to build one or more radio installations regulated
by the ANFR (France's equivalent of the FCC) must submit to the local
government, if requested by the mayor, calculations of electromagnetic
fields that will be generated. This information must be made available
to the public.

2. A national dialogue committee on levels of public exposure to
electromagnetic fields is created within the ANFR. This committee will
give information to all stakeholders. The ANFR will give annual reports
to the dialogue committee on the results of all electromagnetic field
measurements in France as well as measures taken to reduce exposure
levels at "atypical" locations where the levels are greater than usual.
The ANFR will compile a annual census of atypical exposure locations and
periodically report on measures taken to reduce exposure at such

3. Within one year from today, the ANFR will produce a municipal-level
map of all cell towers in France.

4. Any advertisement for cell phones must mention, clearly and legibly,
the recommended use of an accessory device that reduces exposure of the
head to radio frequency radiation. Violators are subject to a fine of
75,000 euros.

5. Advertisements promoting the use of cell phones without such
accessories are prohibited. Violators are subject to a fine of 75,000

6. Anyone selling a cell phone must provide, upon request, an accessory
designed for children under 14 years of age that reduces exposure of the
head to radio frequency radiation.

7. Wireless internet is prohibited in places dedicated to the welcome,
rest, and activities of children under 3 years of age.

8. Wireless access for internet in elementary schools must be disabled
when not in use for teaching.

9. One year from today, the government shall submit to the Parliament a
report on electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Arthur Firstenburg

2) Video Pick of the Month

I had to watch this video about 3 times to really take it all in.
Disgusting Law of the Month...that needs to be OVERTURNED...
Why You Can Never Sue Your Wireless Carrier In a Class Action

Disgusting Invention of the Week...
Cicret Bracelet - Like a Tablet Only On Your Skin! :)

4) The Stupidity of Smart Meters

Why give up all that money and surveillance?  Who cares if peoples homes burn down?...

Smart Meters, Energy In, Privacy Out

Creepy Video on Total Saturation of Land by Smart Meters...
Cell Mesh

Utilities Backed Dark Money Group Sparking Energy Debate in Michigan

Smart Meter Installation, Fires and Explosion

Smart Meters Under Scrutiny

Crews Fight E-Town House Fire - Smart Meter Suspected Cause

Smart Meters Steal Our Data Say Consumers

Children Starving to Death in Pakistan's Drought Struck Tharparkar District

I like how this news paper calls it "cell phone" radiation when the article is really about cell TOWER radiation.  People can just shut their cell phones off.  You cannot shut a cell tower off...unless you knock it down and destroy it...
Cell Phone Radiation Very High in Kochi, Thiruvananthatpuram: Study

Smart Meters Canada: Hydro Faces Heat Despite Low Opt Out Rate

National Grid Launches Time of Use Pricing for 15,000 in Worchester

Smart Phones Will Begin Categorizing Users Mental Health, Gun Seizures Will Follow

FTC Report Spotlights Privacy Risks Smart Devices Pose for Consumers: Plain Dealing

Emails Show Back Channel Talks Between CPUC and PG@E

Sensus Smart meters Pass UL Safety Tests But Fire Concerns Remain

Michigan Smart Meter Education Network Updates

Smart Meters France: Linky Program Will Boost Economy

US Smart Meter Market Far From Saturated

Alabama - Decatur Utilities Could Soon tart Using Smart Meters

Curtis Bennet...
City of Kelowna on Fortis BC's Smart Meter Installation and Fires

News Vid...
Smart Meters "Accidentally" Installed in Alamo Heights

Magog Waits to Find Out if it Can Ban Hydro's Smart Meters

5) Cell Phone's Downward Slide

Canada Introduces Bill for Warning Labels On Cell Phones


We are running out of time to stop these assaults...
Google to Reportedly Team With Space X to Create a Global Satellite Internet Service

Forbes Magazine: Study Suggest WIFI Exposure More Dangerous to Kids than Previously Thought

Forbes Magazine Caves to Industry Pressure

The Town Without WIFI

Israeli Demonstration Against WIFI in Schools

7) Cell Towers Final Hours

District that Received $160,000 a Year from Cell Tower Leases Near School Hires FCC Affiliate to Take RF Measurements

How very kind and God-like...
Eugene Church Offers to Scrap Cell Tower for $750,000

Dekalb County Resolves Cell Tower Suit Against T Mobile, T Mobile Retracts 9 Cell Tower Leases and Pays County Court Fees!

Why are Cell Towers Going Up All Over the Country Near Schools?

Interview with Cell Tower Stopper Gayl Murphy...
Boil the Frog Slowly With Gayl Murphy

8) CA CPUC Special

CPUC Chairman Michael Peevey home raided by agents...
9) New EMF Scientific Studies and EMF Experts Presentations

IMulticentric Epidemiology Study on Risk of Childhood Leukemia, Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, and Neuroblastoma in Italy

Microwave Exposure Impairs Synaptic Plasticity in the Rat Hypocampus and PC12 Cells Through Over Activation of the NMDA Receptor Signaling Pathway

Increased Thrombo-Embolic Disease Risk by Domestic Electromagnetic Field Exposure

Electromagnetic Fields Promote Severe and Unique Vascular Calcification In an Animal Model of Ectopic Calcification

Effects of Cellular Phone and WIFI Induced Electromagnetic Radiation on Oxidative Stress and Molecular Pathways in the Brain

Variations of Glutamate Concentration Within Cynaptic Cleft in the Presence of Electromagnetic Fields: An Artificial Neural Networks Study

Effects of ELF to EMF on Catalase, Cytochrome P450 and Nitrus Oxide Synthase in Eyrthro-Leukemic Cells

Exposure to 900 Mhz Elecromagnetic Fields Activates the mkp-1/Erk Pathway and Causes Blood Brain Barrier Damage and Cognitive Impairment in Rats

Prof. Olle Johansson Gives Talk in Gibraltar...
Part 1, Prof Olle Johansson Gibraltar, Microwave Health Issues
Part 2, Prof Olle Johansson Gibraltar, Microwave Health Issues
Part 3, Prof Olle Johansson Gibraltar, Microwave Health Issues

3 Oregon Experts Give Presentation on Cell Tower and EMF Harm

Vid presentation, this man is not a doctor or scientist to my knowledge, but this is very informative...
New Vid from No Rad 4 U

Video Presentation
Wireless Radiation Health Effects, Dr. Paul Dart

10) Other EMF Nightmares

Why stop now?...
WiTricity - Wireless Electricity

Now mom can give herself breast and her baby brain cancer at the same time!
Wirelessly Measure Milk from Breast at Feeding Time!Study Details Link Between Inflammation and Cancer

Electrosensitive donkey anyone?...
Donkey Cancer

How very "smart" since RF causes rouleaux formation (clumping of red blood cells) which makes people tired.  So these glasses may actually induce tiredness in the buyer, along with uveal (eye) cancer.  So it's multifunctional, saving the wearer from their own bad posture.  After all, who cares about bad eye sight or posture when your lying down?...in a grave. 
Smart Specs Can Sense When Your Eyes are Sleepy and Monitor Your Eyes to Check Your Health and Posture

Antennas on Handrails in Stadiums, etc.

End of the Washing Machine?  $89 Dolfi Uses Ultra Sound Waves to Blast Dirt from Your Laundry Inside Your Sink

For those of us who are too lazy to be bothered to adjust our belts when we go to pick up the remote after ordering our 5th box of Dominoes...
Gizmodo, the self adjusting belt

Scroll down for vid...
Stanford Perfects Wireless Charging Microimplants - Human Trials Expected

Blood Vessel Break Down in Blood Brain Barrier May Be Cause of Alzheimers

Research on Electrosensitivity Sparse

This video came out in May of 2014 but I don't remember seeing it...
Electromagnetic Noise Can Confuse Birds Study Says

Open Letter to European Economic and Social Committee TEN Section on Electrosensitivity

Evidence Strongly Suggests CPD Illegally Uses Stingray Technology on Protestors

Light that Heals, Energy Medicine and Beyond, Lloyd Burrell Reviews Book

This study is not on human health of course, but on mere functionality.  This is looking deadlier and deadlier.  Higher frequency has been shown to damage DNA much quicker and more efficiently...
FCC Looks to Boost Next-Gen Wireless Spectrum Networks with 24 Ghz Study

NY to Spend 1 Billion on Wireless Broadband Initiative

John Endres: We Must Recognize Wireless and Health Problems Linked

EESC EHS Opinion Plenary Vote

Dr Ann West Interviews Paul Doyon

11) Please Do Your Homework!  Please?  :)

Please support Mary Lamielle...
FCC Disability Advisory Committee Forming

Tell the FCC to Keep the Internet Free and Open

Urge NIH to Investigate Non Thermal Biohazards of Electromagnetic Radiation
CDC Autism

Tasmania May Roll Out Smart Meters.  Comments Needed by Feb. 15th
Here is the email to send your comments to:

"Mosquito sized robots steal samples of DNA..."
Privacy is Dead

"As William Binney, one of the highest-level whistle blowers to ever emerge from the NSA said, "The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control."
Welcome to the Matrix: Enslaved by Technology and the Internet of Things

Man Convicted of Eco Terrorism Freed Amid Claims FBI Hid Evidence

13) Corpornment; The Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government

Brave New Films Vid...
Koch Brothers Control of US Universities

 TransCanada Files Court Condemnation Documents to Proceed with Eminent Domain Against US Property Owners for Keystone Oil Pipeline

Eye Opening Vid...
Government Gone Wild

14) Geoengineering

Scary stuff...
Geoengineering, HAARP, Nano Particulate

"Urgent" Chemtrail Pilot Speaks Out "Indigo Skyfold

Geoengineering Discussed By Officials, Agency Scientists and Other Experts

15) Cancer Crimes
Connecticut Teen Forced to Undergo Chemotherapy Against Her Wishes

Video conversation with Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellisberg...
DIY RFID Blocker Sleeves for Cards and Passports

Enforcing the "Will of the People", Dozens of Protestors Stop Pipeline Operations in Pennsylvania

13 Species We Might Have to Say Goodbye to in 2015

Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction, Broad Study Says

Empty Seas? Scientists Warn of an Industrialized Ocean

Before Killing a Rhinoceros Bull, Hunter Faces Anger, Death Threats

Monarch Butterfly Might End Up On Endangered Species List This Year

19) Food Glorious Food!

Tyrone Hayes on the Misfortune of Frogs, Crooked Science and Why We Should Shun GMOs

California's "Vomiting Gas" Pesticide Use Rose 650% in 2 Decades

USDA Approves Monsanto's New GMO Soybeans and Corn

GMO Potatoes Have Arrived - But Will Anyone Buy Them?

Children Starving to Death in Pakistan's Drought Struck Tharparkar District

This Vid report is old but really good and relevant today...
Monsanto and Cancer Milk, Fox Killed Story Fired Reporters

Deception: Major Tortilla Chip Brand Using "No GMO" Label On Contaminated Product

20) Water Woes

Study: Earths Fresh Water at Risk

Drinking Water Trucked Into Montana After Oil Spill

Study: Earths Fresh Water at Risk

Nuclear Waste released from the Cumbrian reprocessing site has made fish and shellfish caught off the Dumfriesshire coast radioactive.
UK- Radiation Found in Food 80 Miles Across the Border from Cumbrian Nuclear Plant, Sellafield

21) ETC.

Who Needs Lobbyists? See What Big Business Spends to Win American Minds

By "Editing Plant Genes Companies Avoid Regulation

"At the rate things are going, the Earth in the coming decades could cease to be a "safe operating space" for human beings."
Scientists: Human Activity Has Pushed Earth Beyond Four of Nine Planetary Boundaries

Many People Unwrapped Drones This Year for Christmas

Tropical Forest Pays Price for Gold Rush

As I experience symptoms of my own mortality, I didn't get to finish it, but I liked this article...
The End of Anthropocene

Special thanks for articles from: Environmental Health News, Rep. Andrea Boland, Power Watch, The Microwave Factor, Prof. Olle Johannson, Omega News, Sky Vision Solutions, Stop Smart Meters WI, Martine McGrall, Robert Reidlinger, Deborah Kopald, Deborah Taveris, Patricia Burke, Sebastian Sanzotta, Suzanne Short, Deborah Wiseman, Toby and Ellen Cecil, Kathy Ging, Marilynne Martin, John Magee, Ellen Irving,


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