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Happy February from eGardenSeed.com
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"If grass can grow through cement, love can find you at every time in your life."



February! For some of you this marks the beginning of the thawing of the ground and the starting point for summer garden dreams. For others, it's still the middle of a cold dark winter but, for all, February will hopefully bring visions of beautiful flowers.  


Through the ages, people have given flowers and herbs as gifts with symbolic meanings. From these meanings, a language of flowers has evolved. Ancient Greeks dedicated flowers to the gods and crowned people of notoriety with wreaths of blossoms and leaves.


During the 1800's, there were books and dictionaries on florigraphy - the science of sweet things. These books were compiled of drawings of flowers and their meanings. The arrangements and compositions of flowers and herbs were as significant as the meanings. For example, a marigold alone meant grief; however, if it were brought together with a rose, it expressed the bittersweets or pleasant pains of love!   


This month, in honor of Valentine's day, we celebrate the powers given to many herbs and flowers to bring love, romance and passion to our lives!


During this season of love and romance, consider giving the one you love the timeless gift of seeds you can grow together!


See the Seeds of Meaning section below for some thoughtful ideas.  


Check out our "LOVE" deal below to see how you can get FREE shipping this month!


 This month, our blog (PlantingSeedsBlog.com) features a few new articles. First in "Love Spells, Charms and Potions from the Garden", we explore some common (and not so common) herbs and flowers that can be used for love spells and charms. In "The Top 5 Seeds to Give as Gifts", we offer some suggestions on seeds to give and the meanings attached to them. In "What is Damiana (and how to grow it)?", we explain some of the history of one of our top selling products and give basic tips on growing this ancient shrub! 


Wherever you are, I hope you are warm and loved~  


Happy gardening!  


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The Best Seeds for Love
Articles for your Inquiring Mind
The Best (and most interesting)
Flower Seeds for Love~

The ancient language of the flowers is now mostly forgotten. It is commonly known that red roses still imply passionate, romantic love but this year, why not consider expanding your flower language vocabulary?!

  • Agrimony - Thankfulness
  • Amaranth- Immortal Love
  • Amaryllis- Pride
  • Ambrosia- Reciprocated Love
  • Baby's Breath- Innocence, Pure of Heart
  • Bachelor's Button- Celibacy
  • Bells' of Ireland- Luck
  • Cabbage- Profit
  • Chrysanthemum- "I Love"
  • Coriander- Lust
  • Hibiscus- Rare, delicate beauty
  • Iris- Good news
  • Lavender- Devotion
  • Mullien - Good-natured
  • Peach Blossom- Long-life, generosity, bridal hope 
  • Primrose- Eternal Love
  • Violet- Faithfulness (blue), Modesty (white)

Visit us at eGardenSeed.com to learn more about these great plants (and many more!) 



Click HERE to tell us about your favorite flowers for showing love then, when you place any order with us in February, 

enter dicount code "LOVE" for FREE shipping!

Love your valentine and the earth this year...plant new flowers!

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Articles for your Inquiring Mind
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full content on our blog. Enjoy!
01-28-2012 18:45:13 PM

Herbs have been a staple of the love potion consortium for centuries and remain a key player in today's potions. The types of herbs that can be used in love potions range from the common to the obscure but all have their uses. ...�

11-16-2011 13:00:32 PM

This holiday season is marked by widespread economic and environmental trials. We are all being asked to look honestly at our actions and our choices. For many, this means the always difficult task of finding unique gifts for our loved ones has taken on the new depth of finding unique, meaningful and purposeful gifts! As [...]...�

11-11-2011 14:43:57 PM

Damiana is a historically well known herb in North America. This amazing plant is native to Texas, parts of Southern California and throughout the entire country of Mexico. Its roots can be traced back to the ancient civilization of the Mayan's who used it for many of the same reasons it is used today, including use as an aphrodisiac and to stimulate the intestinal tract. There are a few important things to know about damiana, such as the two species of plant, its common forms and uses and the risks associated with it's use....�


"A joyful heart is the inevitable result of a heart burning with love. " 

~Mother Teresa  

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