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Human Environmental Interaction  

The Barrow County School System is proud to present a Center for Innovative Teaching (CFIT) Experience with Letitia Macdowell's 6th Grader's from Westside Middle School. This experience represents authentic student engagement coupled with the blending of Social Studies and Arts curriculum (with some science sprinkled in for good measure). ArtsNow Theater and Visual Arts Consultants, Susie Spear Purcell and Shannon Green, facilitated the experience.

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Set Sail With Mrs. Rogers' Class

Mrs. Rogers' fourth grade students at Bethlehem Elementary were in for a surprise when she learned from a class survey that Social Studies was one of her students' least favorite subjects. She decided she was going to change that! With the help of some of her students' parents, the classroom was transformed into a shipyard with five magnificent ships waiting to set sail. Students were assigned a ship, and jobs once they were on board. The "sailors" then decided if they were going to explore Spain or Portugal. They sampled hardtack, saved fellow passengers from typhus and dysentery, and even found time to journal with their feathers and ink about their grand explorations.

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School Friendships

As a welcome gift to all Winder Elementary School students, the Piedmont Regional Library System (PRLS) donated 700 new copies of The Friendship Fairy to kick off the school year. The story is a great lesson in the importance of school friendships, while also discovering individual talents and interests. The India Phillips Foundation provided the books. This foundation was created to honor India, a 4 year-old little girl, and seeks to remind people how important it is to help others daily just as she did.

The Auburn, Statham and Winder Public Libraries are proud community partners in education with the Barrow County School System in promoting literacy and the love of reading.

Front Row: Winder Elementary School students Austin, Addison and Wyatt
Back Row: Alicia King &  Kelli McDaniel from PRLS; Ellen Petree, BCSS; Beth McIntyre, PRLS Executive Director; Bel Outwater, Auburn Public Library Manager, Principal Jerry Stapleton and Assistant Principal Dr. Lauren Carter

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