Final Exam

The Final Exam is next Monday:  12:00 PM - 1:50 PM on Monday, December 11 in 11 Thaw Hall.

If you have a conflict for the exam, please complete this form to indicate your availability for a makeup exam.

The TAs are organizing a review session for next weekend.

Dr. Yates will host an online review session next Sunday ( December 10), from 8-9:30 PM.  

Join the meeting from this link:

More information about connecting to the meeting is available from this link.
Feedback on Exam 3

Exam 3 will be handed back after class on December 4. 

The exam key, gradesheets for each student, and grade distribution are available on the Exam Feedback Page.

Also available is a listing of cumulative scores (sorted by Peoplesoft code). The listing will be updated with your PBL scores this week.

Final Tophat Homework Assignment Posted

The FINAL Tophat Homework assignment is posted, which is due this Friday by 11:59 PM.    If you obtain ≥ 75% of the Tophat points, you will earn the full credit for this component of the course.

If you are close to the 75% threshold, please make sure you carefully complete this week's homework.
Course Evaluations Open

You should have received an email indicating that Course Evaluations are open for completion.   Please provide your feedback about the course, so we can improve it for future years.  A number of changes have been implemented in the course over the years in response to student feedback.  

Please let us know what we should do to improve the class!!!
Do You Want to be a TA or Paid Instructor in the Class in Fall, 2018?

If so, please complete the TA / Instructor Self-Nomination Form. Only students who earn an A grade in the class will be selected as TAs. If there are more applicants than available positions, the students with the highest final scores will be selected.

The course will be held at the same time (and presumably the same place) as this year.

PLEASE NOTE: paid instructors must have graduated from the University prior to the start of the course next Fall.