Exam 2 Scores Posted

Exam 2 scores and the grading distribution are posted on the Exam Feedback page.    The exam will be returned after class on Wednesday, November 15, and the exam will be discussed after class next Monday.

Your cumulative score for the class thus far is available on the Running Tally Sheet.    This sheet is sorted by Peoplesoft number.

All the information related to Exam 2 can also be downloaded from either of these links:

Please note: you have now earned a maximal total of 215 of 500 points.  If you don't like your grade, there is plenty of time to change it!!!!
Exam 3

Exam 3 is scheduled for Friday, November 17 in Scaife LR6.  The exam covers the renal and immunology lectures. 
Exam 3 Review Sessions

The TAs will provide a review session after class on Wednesday, November 15.

There will be an online review session provided by Drs. Sved and Turnquist on Thursday, November 16 from 8-9:30 PM.

Join the meeting from this link.

It is easiest if you join the meeting via the Skype Web App.  

Instructions for joining the meeting are at this link.
Remember to Complete your Tophat Homework by the end of November 15!

New Tophat Homework has been posted. The assignment is due by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, November 15.   This assignment relates to the Immunology material, and there are 10 questions. 

I am using a feature in Tophat that provides feedback after you answer your questions.  In addition, the correct answers and feedback will be available for review after the assignment is due.