Please Bring a Calculator to the Exam!
Exam 1 Logistics

Exam 1 will be held in Scaife LR6, the large room just down the hall from our normal room.
Please bring a calculator to the Exam.
You should NOT put your name on any page except the last page. We remove this from the exams during grading, to assure that the grader does not know whose exam they are handling. This eliminates potential unconscious bias in grading.
Each exam has a code number at the top. You should take the next-to-last page with you so you will remember your code number. Scores will be posted with reference to this code.
TA Review Session

The TAs will host a review session today from 5-6 PM in Scaife LR3.  This session will not be recorded.
Tophat Homework

The answers for the Topework homework assignment due on September 27 are posted on the Tophat Homework page.   If you do not understand why a particular answer was correct, please email me.
Recording of Review Session for Exam 1

The Review Session for Exam 1 was  recorded, and can be downloaded from this link:

PBL3 is focussed on material discussed during the week of September 25 (baroreceptor reflex, hormones, etc). I recommend that all groups reconvene after class on Monday, October 2 to discuss the assignment.
Please Bring a Calculator to the Exam!