Exam 2 Key

The key for Exam 2 is now available at this link.  Please review the key to assure that you understand all of the material.  

We hope to have the exams graded no later than November 13.
Problem with Podcast Recording on November 1 (Immunology 1)

Unfortunately, the microphone we use for recording Podcasts was not working properly for the Immunology 1 lecture. We have video for the lecture, but no audio. I bought a new microphone, so the problem should not happen again. Fortunately, the important points are on the slides and lecture notes.
New Tophat Homework Posted

Answers to the Tophat homework due on November 3 are available at this link.

New Tophat Homework has been posted. The assignment is due by 11:59 PM on Friday, November 10.   This assignment relates to the Immunology material, and there are 15 questions since Dr. Turnquist does not use Tophat during his lectures.

I am using a feature in Tophat that provides feedback after you answer your questions.  In addition, the correct answers and feedback will be available for review after the assignment is due.
Feedback on November 3 PBL

The PBL exercise on November 3 was from the journal Advances in Physiology Education. You can download the related article and the solution for the case from this link.