Exam 2

Exam 2 is scheduled for Friday, October 27 in SBST Room S100. This is a large room off the lobby that joins the biomedical science towers.

The Exam covers the Cardiovascular 5-7 lectures as well as all the Respiratory lectures.   Renal material is on Exam 3.
Dr. Yates will provide a review session after class on Monday, October 23. The TAs will provide a review session after class on Wednesday, October 25.
Renal Material Posted

The notes  for the Renal 2-3 lectures are now posted on the lectures page.  

Direct links for the materials are below:

New Tophat Questions

New Tophat Homework has been posted; please complete the assignment by 11:59 PM on Wednesday (October 25).

Answers to the assignment due last Friday have been posted on the Homework Answers page.

PLEASE NOTE: Many students missed a number of the questions on the last Tophat homework, so please review the answers.
Q&A Page Updated

I have updated the Q&A page with answers to emailed questions received thus far for the second block of the course.  New cardiovascular questions are at the top of the cardiovascular question section, and those relevant to Exam 2 are clearly labeled as such.