Reminders for Week of September 18
Tophat Homework

Now that the modules are done, you will be assigned weekly homework on Tophat. The first assignment is now posted, and will be due by 9/22. After the due date, answers to the homework questions will be posted.
The first assignment contains 10 questions, and you will receive 1 point per question for participation (answering the question) and 1 point per question for the correct answer. Thus, the homework assignment is worth 20 points.
Another set of homework questions will be posted this week, and due next Wednesday, to help you prepare for Exam 1.

I have posted an initial gradesheeet showing your performance on the neurophysiology modules; for anonimity, the sheets are sorted by Peoplesoft number. All students received 15 points (3% of the 500 points total for the class). The gradesheet will be updated as more points are earned during the course.
Exam 1

Exam 1 is scheduled on September 29, and includes all material through this week, as well as the neurophysiology modules.
Dr. Yates will provide a review session after class on September 27, and the TAS will arrange a review session as well. You should also review prior exams in preparation for Exam-1.