Rescheduling for this Week

Apologies again for the classroom scheduling problem on Tuesday. I checked with OMED, and they did not catch the switch of the schedule this week, as the medical students did not get a Fall break. Such a scheduling problem should not happen again.

We will need to use the first half of the class on Friday for a lecture, and all PBL sessions will occur afterwards in Scaife Hall.

Because the Respiratory 3 lecture has been delayed, I have postponed the due date for Tophat homework until next Monday, October 16.
Exam 1 Preliminary Scores

A preliminary scoresheet for Exam 1 was distributed yesterday, and can also be downloaded from this link.

I still want to verify the scores myself, and generate stats for each question. Until this is done, please consider the scores to be preliminary. I will post the final scores on the website by Saturday, and will return the exams next Monday. I will conduct a review session about the exam next Monday after class.  This session will be recorded.

PLEASE NOTE: EXAM 1 IS JUST 20% OF YOUR GRADE. Anybody can still get an A grade depending on their performance in other class activities, and on subsequent exams.
Answer Key For Exam 1

An answer key for Exam 1 is available from this link.