Updates for September 23
Tophat Homework

The answers for the first Topework homework assignment are posted on the Tophat Homework page.   If you do not understand why a particular answer was correct, please email me.   We will discuss the assignment during the review session after class on September 27.
A new homework assignment due on September 27 is now posted on Tophat.
Exam 1

Exam 1 is scheduled on September 29 in Scaife LR6  (the large room adjacent to our classroom), and includes all material through September 22, as well as the neurophysiology modules.
Dr. Yates will provide a review session after class on September 27, and the TAS will arrange a review session as well. You should also review prior exams in preparation for Exam-1.

PBL3 is focussed on material discussed during the week of September 25. I recommend that all groups reconvene after class on Monday, October 2 to discuss the assignment.