Course Reminders: Week of September 11
Downloadable Video Podcasts

In addition to viewing video podcasts on My PITT Video, you can also download them to your computer or device.  Please bookmark this Box folder to gain access to the downloadable video podcasts.
Neurophysiology Modules

As a reminder, the neurophysiology modules should be completed by this Friday (September 15th). Completion of these modules by September 15 accounts for 3% of your course grade, and the content of the modules will be included on Exam 1.  Timely completion of these modules will allow you to better appreciate the material covered in lectures.
Using PubMed to Find Information for PBLs

You are encouraged to use PubMed to find information to solve the PBL exercises.   PubMed is a search engine for the biomedical literature, and archives articles published in legitimate scientific journals.  For most entries, there is a link to an electronic version of the article.  Note that some journals require a subscription, and you must be logged into the University of Pittsburgh network to access them.

A number of resources are available to aid you in finding information through PubMed:
TAs are Available for Office Hours

Please note that the TAs and Instructors for the class are eager to answer your questions, and work one-on-one with you to help you learn the material. Contact information for all the TAs and Instructors is available on the Contact Instructors page. You can also contact all the course staff by emailing .