Course Reminders: Week of September 4
Problem Based Learning: Preliminary Group Assignments Posted

You will be working in groups for Problem Based Learning Exercises. Based on information provided thus far, preliminary assignments have been made, which are posted on the PBL Groups Page. If there are any errors, or if you would like to make a request, please complete this form.  All submissions must be received by September 6, so we can organize the groups.   Note that the PBL groups will assemble for the first time at the end of class on September 8 to discuss the first assignment.
Neurophysiology Modules

As a reminder, the neurophysiology modules should be completed by September 15th. Completion of these modules accounts for 3% of your course grade, and the content of the modules will be included on Exam 1.   Timely completion of these modules will allow you to better appreciate the material covered in lectures.
TAs are Available for Office Hours

Please note that the TAs and Instructors for the class are eager to answer your questions, and work one-on-one with you to help you learn the material. Contact information for all the TAs and Instructors is available on the Contact Instructors page. You can also contact all the course staff by emailing .
Q&A Page Has Postings

The first entries have been posted on the Q&A page. All anwers to emailed questions are posted on this page, so please refer to it periodically during the course.