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Celebrates Bank at School Partnerships 
Huron Valley State Bank (HVSB) and three local elementary schools, Spring Mills, Johnson, and Heritage celebrated the success of the Bank-At-School program.  This is a student-run bank located inside of the school that teaches hands-on financial literacy, money management, and provides for real life banking experience.  Students applied and interviewed for positions earlier in the year, and were trained for actual banking positions to accept money from their fellow classmates to deposit into the bank. The schools celebrate the end of the year program with a ceremonial pizza party at which all student bank customers and bankers enjoy food, fun and fellowship.

To demonstrate appreciation of the school partnerships, the bank is sponsoring one school assembly for their partner schools per year.    Huron Valley State Bank selected Kevin Szawala, also known as Mr. Peace, who presented a segment on diversity at Spring Mills Elementary on June 1st.  

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Top left: Spring Mills Bank at School Celebration - Back row: Becky LeDuc (HVSB), Addison Payton, Elise Trulu, Kendal Schmidt, Morgan Robert, Awesome the Pig, Lillian Dick, Katelyn Nathan, Jane Thompson, Janet Wooster (HVSB), Luke Greco, and Brendan Palmer. Front Row: Tatum Fisher, Avery Vandagriff, and Grace Kountouriotis.

Top middle: Johnson Bankers - Back Row: Anna Winstead (Huron Valley State Bank), Awesome the Pig and Nancy Gomez (HVSB).  Front Row:  Hope Jenkinson, Alicia Dawe, Kylee Snyder, and Henry Theriault. Not pictured: Cyril Parr.

Top right: Heritage Bank at School Pizza Party  - Awesome the Pig and the 5th Grade Bankers at the End of the Year Pizza Party.  Back Row: Austin Hervey, Ayla Jednacz, Gwen Krohn, Ethan Buckner, Skyla Spencer and Natalie Elpedes. Front Row: Ellie DeYoung and Nicole McConnell.

Bottom: Mr Peace & Sharky Peace Out - Mr Peace and Spring Mills Mascot, Sharky give a peace out sign to the students at the end of the assembly.
Huron Valley State Bank
Money Smart Week Poster Contest Winners 
The Money Smart Week Poster Contest hosted by Huron Valley State Bank asked the question "Why is it important to know about money?"  Participants were to design a poster in response to this question.  There was a $25 cash reward for the best poster by grade and a grand prize cash reward of $100.   Posters were submitted at the end of the month, judged by employees of the bank and displayed at the Milford Branch the first week of May.

The grand prize winner was a fifth grader, Selah Harvey, pictured above (Spring Mills Elementary).

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Grade level winners are as follows: Ethan Buckner, Heritage Elementary (top left), Marty Strauch, Johnson Elementary (top right),  Margaret Vannetten, Spring Mills Elementary (bottom left), and Nellie Buckner, Heritage Elementary (bottom right).
Have You Experienced The Difference With Local Mortgage Services? Then Please Refer Us!
If you enjoy the personal service you received at our bank for a mortgage or other services, we would like to sincerely say "thank you" for your business.  The highest compliment for an exemplary experience is to tell your family and friends about
Huron Valley State Bank. To sweeten the appreciation, we will pay you $150 for referring a friend, family, or co-worker who closes on a new Residential home mortgage. Contact Susan Bowen at 248.387.6089. NMLS #165990. 

New customer must mention this promotion and provide current customer's name.  Deposit of incentive will be made within 60 days of new customer closing on mortgage. New customer cannot be an existing customer of the bank.  A 1099-INT may be issued for the value of the incentive.  Referral incentive is limited to 5 per referring account. Offer expires 12/31/17; however, Huron Valley State Bank reserves the right to cancel or modify this program. Offer may not be combined with any other offer. 
Huron Valley State Bank Announces the Appointment of Tilly Williams
to Vice President / Credit Manager

Tilly joined the team at Huron Valley State Bank in late March of this year.   She has over 35 years of banking experience, twenty five years focused in Commercial Banking and Credit.  She most recently served as Regional Credit Officer of the Business Banking Credit Administration for First Merit Bank (previously Citizens Republic) where she was responsible for Commercial Credit Approval for a large portion of the bank's commercial footprint.
Tools of the Cybercriminals and Tips to Avoid Becoming Their Next Victim
Cyberthieves have many tools at their disposal to commit their crimes. Below is a brief description of many of them and how you can avoid becoming their next victim.

Phishing - It's called this because the scammers are "fishing" for sensitive information. Often it is for your bank account.  More Info

Vishing -The scammers have the same goal as when phishing, except they use voice technology.  The scammers want sensitive information, they just request it a different way.  More Info

Smishing - This is another variation of phishing. It uses the cell phone text to get users to click a link. More Info

Skimming - This type of trickery involves ATM machines. A device is placed in or around the slot where the card goes. More Info

Keystroke Loggers - These are software programs that record keystrokes made on a computer. More Info

Use caution when going online. By looking out for the strategies cybercriminals use to get your sensitive information and you can stay one step ahead of them.

Source: Stickley on Security.
See You At The Parade
Employees and their family will be handing out traditional ice cream bars at the Independence Day Parade on Tuesday, July 4th.
Thank you everyone who voted for their favorite ice cream choice.  It was a tight race between Birthday Cake Sandwiches, Big Dipper Cones and the tried and true favorite Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Bars.
Meet Anna Winstead
Customer Service Rep - Milford

Anna Winstead started with the bank as a Courier in May of 2014.   She had the important responsibility of picking up deposits from our business banking customers.  Anna quickly discovered she enjoyed the customer relations part of her job and shortly thereafter accepted the position of Customer Service Representative.  She can be found primarily at Milford assisting customers with their banking needs, opening new accounts, and various other duties.   She graduated from Ohio University and has a degree in photography.  In fact she has been contracted by the bank for some photography projects over the past year.  Two of her favorite pastimes are photography and swimming.  "What I enjoy most about working at HVSB is having such great co-workers to spend the day with and  have the opportunity to be active in our community," said Anna.
Fun Money Fact
The U.S. Treasury says that Americans hold about $15 billion in loose change.

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