Attention: Hurricane  Harvey Recovery
Business Information

(Let us know other questions you may have. We will keep the communications going and get you answers as soon as we can, if we can)
One Message. One Voice. We Are Strong. We Will Rebuild.

Start with this guide that was put together with assistance from the Galveston Chamber after Hurricane Ike... very helpful:

Texas Association of Business and Chambers of Commerce has developed a Hotline for Business Assistance. 512-637-7714. Call now. They are standing by.
Please do this for me: (copy/paste back to me is fine)
I need to develop a Tier I (businesses able to resume operations with the least amount of resources) and Tier II (businesses needing to rebuild and need total assistance). Please reply to this email in the following way:
Name: ____________________________________________
Cell Phone: _______________________
Description of immediate need:
and Tier I or Tier II Level.  Tier I ___    Tier II ___

We have people calling from all over the world wanting to help. If I know your needs, I can manage the calls and hopefully get you assistance. People want to help us. 
Thank you. Hang in there. Together, we can do this.
Diane Probst, CCE