Update: Hurricane Harvey
South Texas Impacted By Hurricane Harvey

 - At least five deaths and more than a dozen injuries have been reported in the aftermath of Harvey, the hurricane that tore across the Gulf Coast of Texas over the weekend.

 - The National Weather Service forecast rainfall of 15 to 25 inches through Friday, with as much as 50 inches in a few areas.

 - The amount of rain that has already fallen is enough to cover the entire state of Texas in 3" of water!

 - See New York Times collection of most powerful photographs .

Our Transit Family Has Been Affected

Texans are resilient and the SWTA Nation has an incredible reputation of taking care of its own. 

SWTA and TTA have set up an information page for you to check for requests from transit agencies affected by Harvey. LEARN MORE

If you are a transit agency in these affected areas, let us know what you need !  If you are a neighboring transit agency and have heard of a need, let us know .

FIRST REQUEST: Are you retired or can you lend a person?
Paulette Shelton with Fort Bend County needs someone who is really good to help as an Ops Manager at her emergency operations center.  Is there anyone out there interested in helping out?
Please text or call Paulette at 409-771-0273 if you can help out.

For requests for help or offers of help,
Contact Kristen Joyner, SWTA
615.390.6863 (call/text)


Meredith Greene, TTA
512.900.0550 (call/text)

Are you a 5311 or 5310 agency that has been affected? Please contact TxDOT's Public Transportation Division to fill out a needs assessment questionnaire: josh.ribakove@txdot.gov.
·         Are you and your employees safe?  Able to get to work?
·         Status of service, and how are you involved in local                     response efforts? 
·         Did your fleet suffer damage?
·         Is there damage to your facilities?

What to do if you want to give?

1. Buy gift cards to Walmart, Target, CVS/Walgreens, HEB, Chili's,
Chick-fil-a, Whataburger etc... Make certain the card does not have additional fees the recipient needs to pay (i.e. some Mastercard/VISA gift cards). 

2. Send the gift cards to Meredith at TTA. She will deliver to the transit systems affected so they can distribute directly to employees who have needs. 
TEXAS Harvey Relief, TTA, ATTN: Meredith Greene, 106 E 6th Street, Suite 900, Austin, TX 78701 

3. TTA and SWTA will not be taking cash donations. 

Your Transit Family Has Been Heroic

Below are just a few examples, if you know of others send to Elise,  emanion@swta.org.

Houston Metro:

Though transit service was suspended, Houston Metro worked all night assisting community partners and getting people evacuated from flooded areas to higher ground.
Parent with child board metro bus_ Metro Police talks to another man.
A literal mile (and some) of Houston Metro buses! 120 buses avoiding the low-lying area of their facility.
Buses lined up in HOV lane as far as you can see.
The CEO, Chief Officers representing Operations, Police, Customer Service, Safety and Media all at Houston TranStar ensuring they keep everyone safe on their system as Hurricane Harvey affects the Houston area.
Focused group around conference table keeping informed about the situation.


The CCRTA was part of the evacuation team that helped move people to local evacuation center. Fares were suspended and people were able to bring their pets and personal luggage on board.
CCRTA Bus Displaying _Evacuation_
CCRTA team hard at work to make sure all riders are safe and evacuated.

CCRTA Staff around conference table.
Island Transit, Galvaston:

161 flood victims who were rescued from the flooding in were taken by Island Transit buses from the IH45 and 517 overpass to temporary shelters overnight. Those who choose to go are now being flown to north Texas to shelters that are ready and waiting to help them begin to piece their lives backtogether.
Three young children in evacuation shelter.
South West Transit Association | 817.295.3663 | SWTA@swta.org | SWTA.org