Hurricane Irma Claim Reporting
Resources Available on 

Amerisure is committed to sharing helpful information and resources to assist our customers, protect their workers and make their businesses the safest they can be. We are here to help our partner agencies assess the impact of Hurricane Irma on any affected policyholders.

Hurricane-related losses may be reported any time via:
Phone: (800) 257-1900
If more immediate, personal assistance is needed during emergencies, please contact:  
Gina Dickens, Commercial Property Claim Specialist
(813) 541-2469
(813) 282-5833, ext. 25833
Randy Landers , Commercial Property Claim Specialist
(469) 235-3576
(214) 583-4473, ext. 34473
Steve Paquette , Commercial Property Claim Specialist
(248) 894-9741
(248) 442-6488, ext. 26488

Maryanne O'Brien , Corporate Property Claims Unit Manager
(248) 231-4096
( 248) 615-8570, ext. 58570
All claims are important to us and will be handled promptly. Due to the emergency nature of hurricane claims, please inform policyholders they may proceed with any emergency repairs (including board-up and water remediation) at once. When doing so, they should keep track of their time and expenditures for submitting with their claim documentation.
Emergency Information
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Social Media Accounts to Follow - National, State and Local Storm Information

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

National Hurricane Center

U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Protect your business in the event of a hurricane. Download and print Amerisure's Extreme Weather Bulletin to guide you through developing a Hurricane Emergency Preparedness Plan.

There are seven essential steps you should take in advance of a coming storm. Learn more about protecting your business and staff from hurricane related injuries and damages. 

Prior to opening a business that has undergone water and wind damage, building and life safety inspections must be completed before restoration work is done.