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Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts
Now that the worst of Hurricane Sandy has passed, we want to assess the extent of potential damage to Fordham Road BID businesses & property owners. Below are some helpful tips on recovering from damages & disruptions to your business caused by Hurricane Sandy:
  • If you have insurance that will cover your damages, contact your agent immediately
  • Survey any damage; enter a severely damaged building ONLY after local authorities have deemed it safe to do so
  • Photograph any damage to your business and save receipts for replacement items or repair work
  • Look for safety hazards such as live wires, leaking gas or flammable liquids, poisonous gases, and damage to foundations or underground piping and notify the appropriate utility companies or emergency responders of any such safety hazards
  • Dry all areas and items quickly and thoroughly to prevent mold growth; food establishments especially should examine all surfaces, including sheet rock, for evidence of mold and take appropriate action immediately
  • Begin salvage as soon as possible to prevent further damage; cover broken windows and torn roof coverings immediately to protect merchandise / business from further damage
  • Separate damaged goods from undamaged goods, but beware of accumulating too much combustible debris inside of a building
  • Call in key business personnel and notify contractors to start repairs - after ensuring that safety systems are fully implemented before any work is allowed to begin

To find up-to-date information on the recovery effort (including electricity, transit, and reporting damage), please visit the City of New York's Office of Emergency Management website: or call 311.


As always, please call the BID office at (718) 562-2104 or email us at for assistance & to report damage, etc.


Additionally, there are some very helpful New York City services to assist small businesses in recovering from Hurricane Sandy. They are being offered & coordinated by the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) and the NYC Economic Development Corporation (EDC), Below is an outline of available programs and relevant contact information. 


New York City Business Assistance Programs


For small- to mid-sized businesses that have experienced business interruption


Emergency loans will be available, patterned after similar programs deployed in past emergencies. Loans will be capped at $10,000. Please click this link to contact an NYC Business Solutions Account Manager or call 311 and ask for NYC Business Emergency Loan.


For mid- to large-sized businesses that need to undertake rebuilding


An emergency sales tax letter from New York City Industrial Development Authority (IDA) will be available allowing businesses to avoid payment of New York City and New York State sales taxes on materials purchased for rebuilding. IDA will also waive all fees and, while following State law, look to streamline its normal procedure. This program is expected to offer economic benefits to reconstruction projects costing $500,000 or more. Please contact Shin Mitsugi at for further information on this program.


For any business that is temporarily displaced from its space


Short-term "swing" office space at Brooklyn Army Terminal available free of charge for the next 30 days. NYCEDC has approximately 40,000 square feet of warehouse space at the Terminal that can be used for this purpose.  Please click this link to contact an NYC Business Solutions Account Manager or call 311 and ask for NYC Business Solutions.


For any business in need of other emergency assistance


The NYC SBS Business Outreach Team and Emergency Response Unit's Large Scale Response Team will be deployed after the storm to help all impacted small businesses. This team is currently on-call for any storm-related business inquiries and is closely coordinating with the NYC Office of Emergency Management. Please click this link to contact an NYC Business Solutions Account Manager or call 311 and ask for NYC Business Solutions. 


Federal Aid Programs for Disaster Recovery


Click here for information from the Federal Small Business Administration on disaster recovery assistance.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the BID at (718) 562-2104 or via email at


Stay safe & good luck!!   


Fordham Road BID