From the Executive Director


Dear Friends and Neighbors,


What role does the Queen Anne Helpline fulfill that other public and private organizations don't? Why are our services so important to the people we help? We've been talking a lot about this lately, both in the office and with outside partners and clients. The answer brings our impact into sharp focus:  we are hyper-local so we can target needs specific to our community and respond immediately to emergency situations. Our key stakeholders tell us it's the impact of our rapid response that differentiates us from most other agencies. Hyper-local and rapid response means we can have a critical impact on people in serious need when it is most needed. When someone has an eviction or utility shut off notice, they need help quickly. And while we often partner with other agencies to maximize our impact, in emergency situations there is not always time for clients to navigate a complex social service system and go through a lengthy application process.


Consider Lucy's story. Lucy, who is 76, came home from a hospital stay to find a utility shut off notice-her power was being cut that very day. She called us, feeling panicked and confused. We immediately called the power company, pledging the funds to prevent the shut off. This quick response not only kept her power on, it also avoided the $100 fee to turn the power back on, and just as importantly, we took care of the emotional stress Lucy was under. Or Brian's story. After a job loss his mounting medical bills led to an eviction. Brian, a single father with a 7-year-old son, had no safety net -- he was sleeping in his car while his son stayed with friends. The irony is that Brian had quickly found a new job but wouldn't be paid for several weeks. When he came to the Helpline, Brian broke down in tears describing his desperate effort to shield his son from their temporary homelessness.  He told me he felt he was failing as a parent. We immediately went to work. With our ability to cover his first two weeks of rent, he found a room with a small kitchen and that night he reunited with his son. They are now in their own place, Brian is working full time, and they are getting their lives back together.


These dramatic examples are evidence of the critical and very real difference the Helpline makes in the lives of the people we serve every day because of our smart, quick, and efficient approach. Our experience over 33 years has proven the benefits of providing immediate assistance. This approach extends beyond just seniors or the families we help; it costs far less to keep someone in their home than to support them when they are homeless, so we all benefit. Hyper-local and rapid response. I am sharing this because I want you, our supporters, to know that just doing good is not enough for us -- we are always striving to have the greatest possible impact and stretch our dollars further in everything we do at the Helpline. We always have been and always will be about neighbors helping neighbors -- thanks to all of you.





Lisa Moore, Executive Director   



Save the Dates!


GiveBIG is a one-day online charitable giving event that takes place this year on May 5th. This year we have a very generous offer from our friends at Metropolitan Market, who will match the first $2500 that is donated! And that is in addition to the percentage match offered by The Seattle Foundation. Only donations made through The Seattle Foundation's website between midnight on May 5th and midnight on May 6th count, so mark your calendars and GiveBIG on May 5th to the Queen Anne Helpline.


The Crown of Queen Anne Fun Run/Walk is coming soon! On Saturday July 11th this fun community event will kick off Queen Anne Days and raise important funds for the Queen Anne Helpline. Registration opens May 18th. This year we are very excited that special guest (and proud Queen Anne resident!) Steve Raible will be our announcer!



Volunteer Spotlight - Sabina Howell

Sabina, her husband Franz, and their three cats moved to Seattle from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania last November. Sabina is recently retired after a long career as an attorney serving mostly in the public sector.  Sabina also has an advanced degree in health care, and has worked in the hospital environment.  In her free time she enjoys tap dancing, reading, and exploring nature.  Her husband is a former IT professional.


Prior to her move to Seattle, Sabina explored various avenues to become involved in the community as well as making meaningful use of her days in retirement.  Through the Queen Anne View presence on Facebook, Sabina became aware of the Helpline and its service to the community.  Immediately after her move to Seattle, Sabina applied to volunteer with QAHL.  She says, "I have striven over most of my life to make a positive difference in people's lives.  As a Quaker, this has been a part of my upbringing.  Through my work at the Helpline, I can make an immediate and visible impact on the lives of our clients.  The Helpline makes positive societal changes in the lives of ordinary individuals who are less fortunate.  Working at the front desk and being empathetic to a client has a visible impact.  It also underscores how fortunate most of us are.  My time spent at the QAHL working for clients and with the employees and other volunteers is very gratifying."




On a daily basis we hear about the many different hardships that some of our neighbors face, and we work hard to provide assistance that will stabilize lives -- keeping people in their homes, offering supplemental food and clothing, keeping the lights on. While we don't expect thanks for doing our job, it is always lovely when we do receive expressions of gratitude! We'd like to share some examples with you -- because, without your donations of food, clothing and linens, and cash, we wouldn't be able to help these folks.


Many clients send thank you cards with messages like: "Our family found ourselves in a difficult spot, and so unexpectedly. It is reassuring to know that there are people in our community willing to help." Or, "Thank you for your help with bus passes and the very nice briefcase. Your sincere desire to help the homeless is appreciated."


The managers of local low-income and transitional housing also appreciate our assistance to their tenants, sending us messages like, "You are awesome! Thanks once again for helping our tenants stay housed!" or, "Thanks so much! Queen Anne Helpline makes such a difference in our community!"


Other heartfelt tokens from clients have included handmade jewelry, a vase of paperwhites at Christmas time, donations of clothing (to give back to others), and a beautiful painting (see photo)!  We even receive the occasional financial donation from a client letting us know they are now back on their feet and working.


One last message we received on a postcard from a client: "Thank you for helping me in my time of need. I am getting close to living my dreams ... and you all have been a part of making that happen." Huge thanks to all of YOU for being a part of helping your neighbors in their time of need.


The Queen Anne Helpline is so grateful for our active community
of volunteers, donors and participants!

Each of you gives us the support we need to do the work we do every day.

Please consider making a donation to help support  local families, seniors,
and individuals. You can donate here or visit our website:

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