As you know, relaxation reduces stress levels, and this in turn reduces pain, so Hypnotherapy is very useful in the treatment of pain.
The causes of chronic pain can be many and varied, and are not always responsive to conventional painkillers. Other drugs such as anti-depressants and anti-epileptics are commonly used instead. They do not have analgesic properties but act on specific nerve pathways within the nervous system to rescue pain perception. Different nerve fibres send impulses to the brain that cause pain, and these can be inhibited by relaxation and the production of serotonin.
In some cases stress itself is found to be the cause of pain. So finding ways to relax and taking part in activities that produce serotonin for us makes an enormous difference to pain and its relief or control.
So - it's the usual story for us who understand how the brain works - positive thinking, action and interaction to reduce stress, and making time to relax and enjoy the good things in life will help with pain. Creating new habits of thinking that are positive will contribute to the reduction of pain.