Join Neale in his Home for an Intimate Gathering
The Homecoming

On this day of your life,
I believe God wants you to know...

...that every day is a New Beginning.

A new cycle begins this day, yet a new cycle begins
every day. Indeed, every moment. So if you recognize
anything on this day, recognize what it symbolizes: The
miracle of the endlessly continuing Cycle of Life.
What a grand day! What a time for celebration! We
begin again today! We turn the page! And so, let go
of all that you do not wish to carry with you any further.
Any fear, any sadness, any anger, any resentment, any
disappointment, any lament... let it all go. And now, 
using the specialness of this day as a springboard, 
let's get on with Life! 
Love,  Your Friend ...

Sample a tool for having your own
conversation with God HERE

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Photo courtesy of Christopher Briscoe