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                                                                               December 26, 2011




I hope this day finds you all at peace and that your Holiday was beautiful and filled with love. 

I have a deeply personal story I wish to share.  I hope that it comforts you as it has comforted me for we are in the times of great change and are in need of strength and faith to see us through.   


As we come to the end of 2011 many of us have been put to the test of not only holding onto our center but holding on for dear life.  I could look at this past year as a time of one loss after the next and so it is true it has surely felt so.  If I lift myself up out of what I am experiencing I feel and I know that these letting go events are pathways of change that are clearing the way for what is to come. 


As I was breathing a sigh of relief that this extremely challenging year was coming to end I received the most tragic and heartbreaking news.  My darling nephew Vic was in a serious car accident and suffered catastrophic injuries and was on life support.  He is a twin to his sister Alexandra, son to my sister Susan and beloved by my family and his many friends.  He has been a joy since the day he was born, filled with sweetness and kindness.  He is the perfect example of the balanced masculine energy so needed at this time.  He was and is loved and adored for he had the rare ability to make just being around him make everyone feel happier, special and so loved.  Love just poured out of him

The events of these past weeks have felt unbearable for all who love this beautiful boy so much.  The suffering has been and continues to be beyond what we all feel we can bear. 

Vic made his transition into the arms of the angels on December 22nd.

As I had requested prayers for him I received an email from my friend Jo.  Jo Mooy is an inspirational spiritual leader in our community. The best way to convey what transpired is for me to copy our emails here.  May you all find comfort in this incredible and unmistakable message from my darling nephew Vic.  May the knowledge that death is not the end and that we are loved and supported by our loved ones forever, help comfort us in our times of such overwhelming grief.

Dearest Gail --- you have our hearts, our love, our sympathy and our deepest feelings for this time. 


I was in a group meditation early on Wednesday morning at 7:30.  There were just 14 of us gathered.  I came out of the meditation having had a profound experience.  I shared it with some of those at the meditation but kept having this strong feeling to "share it with Gail."  I then got busy doing other things. 


Yesterday the feeling became stronger, "share this with Gail" and so I intended to do it today when I got your email.  It makes sense now. 


In the meditation an elegant young man appeared behind me.  He was dressed in silvery-white armor, like a knight of old.  He had no helmet on, but he carried his shield down in front of his knees.  The shield had a golden dragon on it.  All of his armor was tinged with gold on the edges.  His hair was a golden color.  He then put out his arms as though embracing the world and I could feel nothing but strength, valor, and love pouring out of this young being.  His shield glowed against his legs. 


Some of the women in the meditation said, "It's archangel Michael" - and perhaps it was as the arms went out like wings.  But I felt it was more than that - I felt a beautiful young man - a knight of the new world to come - one where young people will be held to lofty goals, caring for the planet, and for each other. 


And today I share it with you upon the passing of Vic. 


With love, jo 


Dear Jo, 


When I read this I felt this was Vic and I thank you for following the inspiration to share this with me and probably the most incredible confirmation I have ever received, here is my granddaughter Lila on Wed. after receiving this as a gift.  When it suddenly dawned on me that my son had sent me this picture of her I went back and looked at it.  There is the armor, the sword and the golden dragon.  Yes, miracles do happen.  


lila armor 


I believe that miracles abound.  I believe that the angels and saints are always speaking to us and helping us.  I believe that we are meant to remember who we are and where we come from and most of all where we are going.  I believe that love and truth are the only things that matter and I know that in sharing our stories we have the ability to help to heal one another and the world.

golden angels

    When darkness turns to light

   when hope becomes surrender

   when the battle cry goes silent

   and love overcomes all fear

when tears wash away unspoken dreams  

and heartbreak breathes compassion

then heaven opens silently

and calls his spiritual name

and gathers him home in fields of gold

where the angels bow to greet him  


vic and me  

 Please hold Vic and all who love him in your hearts and prayers.  


I wish you love and joy and peace in this coming year of new beginnings and hope for our future. May we continuously lift up our hearts and know that we are so much more than is seen in this physical world. 



Much Love,






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