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Cutest Dog
Contest Winners!
There were so many great dogs, we are awarding
THREE self-promo orders.  

Winners can choose ANY
item from the Warwick Line. 
Thanks Warwick!


Susan Litten Riley 



Cheryl Ninno Kozak    



Ron Goodwin    


Cutest Cat Contest!
Since our last issue we featured the adorable Promo-Pup, Jax  from Motivators. Reluctantly, the natural follow up, is a cute cat contest. I am NOT into cats, hence the flattering cat picture below.
Nice Kitty! 
Post a picture of your cat on the FreePromoTips Facebook Page
Our team will choose 3 winners that will be spotlighted in our next FPT E-Newsletter.
Winners will ALSO get a self-promo order courtesy of our friends at Warwick!   
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Flip Pad Jotters from Warwick!

And You Thought I Was Honest?

In this issue, I share candidly how I actually saved people some time while not being fully honest. 

Please don't think less of me. Perhaps many of you have done the same thing?

In our resource article, I confess. I lied, I share my business experience with you, along with the positioning I choose for my distributor business. It differs from how other distributors market. Your input is welcomed.

JUST FOR FUN: Get Some Glory for Your Cat!
I cringe when doing this for cats...because I'm just not a "cat" person...BUT it is a natural extension of our last issues Cutest Dog contest.   

Post a picture of your cat  :( on our Facebook Page. Our team will choose the winner who will get a self promo order from our friends at Warwick. You can post your cat/dog comments there as well. 

Make it a great day!

Jeff Solomon, MAS

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I Confess. I Lied.

Many of you may know that my faith and values are important to me. Reluctantly, I must share that I've done something I normally don't do. I lied. 
In addition to publishing FreePromoTips.com, I'm a distributor. These days, I focus on my key accounts and referrals. In the past, I was very active in our local business scene. Through the years, networking has been a big part of growing my business. Recently, a friend asked me to help with a Chamber networking event at a very cool venue not in my community. It has been a while since I have done something like this, but being of service is seemingly in my DNA. I was happy to help and went with a business building mindset. You never know who you might meet at an event like this. 
Everyone has a different style of connecting at such gatherings, but some of the intro lines took me by surprise. One man asked me "What do you enjoy doing?" Catching me off guard, I almost jokingly replied, "Long walks on the beach, a candlelit dinner and soft music." Instead, I fumbled through an acceptable answer that led to a conversation about motorcycles.
Click here for the rest of this confession...

5 E-Mail Marketing Tips 

E-mail marketing can be invaluable to your business if used effectively. It is a great, inexpensive way to attract new customers, show your existing customers hot and new products, generate sales, and drive traffic to your website.

Here are 5 Tips to remember when creating your next email campaign. Click here for these tips courtesy of our friends at SAGE
It's Coming!  August 6-7! 

Barbara Forde
 from BAG MAKERS talks about the SAAC Show why they love this event. She's so fun!  

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