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Let's Get Physical!
As we launch SuccessFit, sharing this seems to "fit". 
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 Bob From Bob Co. is Excited About a BIG Order!
Leeton Lee from ETS helps him learn what to watch for.
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Brandon Mackay 
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Brandon talks about why this 
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PPEF is an educational, charitable, nonprofit organization that awards college scholarships to students who have a parent working in the promotional products industry or who are working for a company in the industry. Since 1989, PPEF has awarded $1,267,000 in college scholarships to 774 students!

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Why should you care if I wanted to sleep in on a holiday Monday? You shouldn't really, but we have an opportunity here to actually make a difference. 

Most of you don't know that I have been a cripple for most of my life from an old motocross racing injury.
I know what it's like to live in pain and I'm sure many of you can relate. Many of us deal with challenges personally and professionally. And many of you have also experienced the benefits of an active lifestyle. 

Three years ago I had my ankle fused which gave me my life back. Through my wife's involvement with a running group, I have started to get active. Through this, I've met some great people who have motivated and inspired me. 

My personal journey along with ADD creativity is the launching point for an exciting new program we have dubbed, FreePromoTips.com SuccessFit.

In this issue, we feature a commentary, I Could Have Slept In. This came from my experience on Labor Day 2014 that nurtured SuccessFit.  Sleep is nice but...

Like minded people in the promotional marketing industry can now connect, share their adventures and encourage each other in our new SuccessFit Facebook Group. Join the group! Post your mountain top selfies, events you have participated in and the recreational activities you enjoy away from the office. 

At the PPAI Expo in January we'll be doing a SuccessFit "exercise". See below for details.

Make it a great day!

Jeff Solomon, MAS

FreePromoTips.com SuccessFit is an exciting new program that will present content from a variety of contributors on how fitness impacts business success.

At the PPAI Expo in January we will have an "exercise" that enables you to connect with some quality companies and receive cool FPT SuccessFit fitness oriented products. 

To support the Promotional Products Education Foundation (PPEF) and to identify participants, there is a modest $9.60 donation. This amount commemorates the 96 new scholarship recipients for the 2014-2015 school year.

100% of this participation fee goes directly to the
Promotional Products Education Foundation supporting education scholarships.

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I Could Have Slept In!

Something strange has happened to me. On a recent 3 day holiday weekend I had the opportunity to sleep in.
But I didn't. 

Saturday night was a concert at the Hollywood Bowl and Sunday we started early packing meals at our church for families in Haiti. 

I was looking forward to sleeping in on the Holiday Monday when my wife told me the runners group we hang out with was going out at 7:00 AM. What would seem like an automatic NO has become a much easier YES for me.

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