1000+ Animals Saved
Be a part of this wonderful goal.
Do More 24 is back again!  We have an aggressive goal of raising $77,000 so that we can rescue a total of 1000+ dogs and cats this year.  Why $77,000 you may be asking... well let me tell you.  Animals are expensive.  Really expensive.  You know this.  But in order for us to save as many as humanly possible we need to raise as much as possible.  This money will go towards food, boarding, medical, gas for our transport, training if needed, etc. 

know we are always asking for money, but we are always rescuing animals.  Always.  

When you're sleeping, we're answering emails about terrible situations and making plans to drive to some far away county or state and bring these animals to safety.  While you're getting your morning latte, we've already been on the phone with a desperate shelter pleading for us to help take off some of the pressure of their overcrowded population.  And while you're debating if you should eat a salad or get that burger during lunch, we're figuring out how to feed all the animals in our care.  

This is not easy work and unfortunately none of it is free.  But you can help!  You have helped! We have raised $9,528.00 toward our goal as of Monday morning so we just have $67,472.00 to go.  There are so many great causes out there and this is just one of them.  If you have it in your heart and your wallet, throw us a bone (see what we did there?) this  June 8th  and be a part of the solution. Unfortunately animal homelessness will never go away, but we can take steps to make it a smaller problem.  Please consider donating to this campaign.  So many happy animals will happily lick you for your contribution!  

To donate please go here:  https://domore24.org/npos/hart . There are $79,000 in prizes awarded to the participating charities with $2,500 to the charity that raises the most donations before June 8th!  Additionally, if you could share on your social networks or with your friends/family, it would be greatly appreciated.  We are all here for the same purpose - let's save some lives and make other families complete!  Say Yes To Nutmeg, Say Yes to Tulip, Say Yes to Donating Today!  

She was thrown from a moving truck on a busy street in Columbia S.C. After rolling several times she got herself up and started running after the truck to get back to her "person".    Say Yes to this heartbroken dog full of hope...

HART rescued Tulip and her sister, Daffodil, from a high kill shelter in North Carolina.  For weeks  these two sweet kittens remained locked in a shelter cage waiting for a hero  Say Yes to this special kitty with a health condition...

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