News That Connects our West Seattle Junction Merchants 

Junction Parking
Junction Merchants and Staff Parking

We have many unique features we offer as a body of merchants in the Junction. Each one of us contributes to the vibrant district that attract hundreds (and growing!) of people each day. 

One of the major reasons people visit our district is the 228 free parking spaces we pay for every month through our collective BIA dues. The benefit of parking for free to experience shopping, visiting restaurants and using our services is at risk due to business owners/managers and staff parking in the lots. 

Is it hard to find parking? Sure! Should one merchant benefit over another by parking or allowing their staff to park in a space reserved for our neighborhood? No. 

We contract with Diamond Parking to monitor and ticket drivers who leave their cars in the lots 3+ hours. I work closely with Diamond to identify vehicles with multiple tickets who (mostly) belong to merchants or staff members or (sometimes) apartment residents. 

I authorize Diamond to tow cars, which could include vehicles belonging to you or your staff members. That being said, the vehicle does receive a tow warning and one final ticket.       

Here's a list of vehicles that in danger of being towed:

Red Pathfinder XXX2268 13 tickets
Grey VW XXX1169 13 tickets
Black Econoline XXX439Z 10 tickets
Green Food Sedan XXX4410 6 tickets
White Toyota Sedan XXX2736 13 tickets
Grey Honda Odyssey XXX5656 9 tickets
Grey Honda Coupe XXX5049 8 tickets
Beige Honda Van XXX 13 tickets
Beige Nissan Sedan XXX2070 13 tickets

This is important we communicate to our staff the parking lots are not an option which includes following that same logic as the business owners.  

On parking, let's touch too on Junction street parking. I have received complaints from  merchants about staff parking in the Junction and moving their cars every two hours. Again, our street parking is for the neighborhood. They can find parking 2-3 blocks off the Junction, or there is monthly paid parking via the Diamond lots. 

Spring Clean
Big Success

We accrued over 30 hours of volunteer time during our first Junction Spring Clean. The volunteers weeded our crosswalks, parking lots and (some) tree wells. Plus, they did some light painting and swept up a lot of cigarette butts.   

As an FYI the value of one hour of volunteer work is equal to $28.64 in paid time. Junction Spring Clean saved our district $860 in staff hours. 

There's still work to do, including the tree wells. I have our handyperson focused on the trees, but you can help too by pulling weeds at the trees in front of your business.  

Breakfast was generously funded by our Junction QFC. Thanks!

Those Ciggy Butts
Flinging the Butts Out 

The vast amount of time our Spring Clean volunteers, our handyperson, our city contract workers (Recology) is spent picking up cigarette butts. I've ordered more receptacles for the street and alley ways.  

One MAJOR thing you can do is telling your staff not to toss their cigarette butts on the ground outside the back door of your business. This is especially noticeable behind all of our restaurants.  

June Art Walk 
Thursday, June 8th 5pm to Late

Your reminder, the June Art Walk is this week. Thanks again to all of the restaurants and drinking establishments who are making the art walk a far more vibrant event. 

This month you'll see a pop-up market at Junction Plaza Park to help activate the Art Walk.
If you would like to join us for the next quarter art walk (July/Aug/Sept) you can register now here . It's free for restaurants or drinking establishments and a low $50 for businesses who are hosting artists. 

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