How to Preview Your Perfect Wedding & Party Music.
Magnolia Jazz Band 2015
Magnolia Jazz Band entertaining at a recent garden party.

Here Is Your Monthly Reminder to  
Preview  the Mood for Your Next Party 


One evening last month I stopped short!  It was
a "deja vu" moment. 

I'd walked into a room for the first time, and
I felt I'd been there before. 

Does this ever happen to you?

Then I remembered, I WAS there years ago,
and I'll never forget that visit.

It gave me a great lesson in HOW TO MAKE A PLAN. 
And it was a NEAR TRAGEDY for a special event. 

The room is now a small theatre, and I recognized
that stage in the corner.  

About 30 years ago, I was there talking excitedly
with a fellow who seemed pretty sharp.  He'd asked
me to meet him there, and we were dreaming big.  

He wanted to convert this run-down hotel ballroom
into a fine supper club, and book the Magnolia Jazz
Band to entertain there. 

Oh, the prospect thrilled me!  Mainly because he was
energetic and full of confidence and big ideas.  

Also because he hinted at a great steady engagement
for my band.

He'd worked at DisneyWorld.  He thought he could
create some of their success here in San Jose.

We talked about what to keep in the room and
what to change, and his enthusiasm impressed me.

Until he asked "When does the big tourist season
begin around here?"


What big tourist season?  Sure, people love visiting the
San Francisco Bay Area year-round.  As far as I knew,
there's nothing here like the "spring break"  or the
"summer vacation" seasons that Florida tourist spots enjoy.

TRAGIC!  He had no idea!  Hadn't he asked anyone before?

TRAGIC!  Poor guy.  His plan was doomed from the start.  
He needed lots more help than I could give him.  

Sadly, I don't remember hearing about his supper club again,
and I never had another opportunity to talk with him.

But I still get a lot of mileage from telling his story.

And I tell it often.  To people like you.


Because these days I help people plan music for  their
weddings and parties, and then my band entertains
everyone at their

Creating the elegant, upbeat mood that they want.

And I LOVE helping people who have realistic ideas
of what they want. 

REALISTIC -- not at all like that fellow from DisneyWorld.

Often I help people begin a new plan by having them
focus on a few promising ideas.  We start there.

These ideas will come in part from catching us in action
at a friend's wedding.  Or maybe it'll be at a party or
a business reception they enjoy.

The other part comes from "word-of-mouth" recommendations
from friends. 

Which is why I'm sending YOU this reminder every few weeks.  

So, let me ask you:  

Are YOU or a friend planning a wedding or a party?
Anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area?  

Want help planning the music?   Do these 2 things:  

1. Preview us in action at our next public event.  
    Where?  You can catch us at 3 events in April:

Sunday, April 3, 12:00-3:00pm, 
"Nella Terra Cellars Wedding Faire"
Nella Terra Cellars, 5003 Sheridan Rd, Sunol

Saturday, April 9, 5:30-7:30pm
"San Jose Rotary Annual Gala" 
Fairmont Hotel, 170 S Market St, San Jose

Thursday, April 28, 5:00-8:00pm
"Silicon Valley Concierge Association Awards Gala"
San Jose Marriott, 301 S Market St, San Jose


2. See our helpful "Planning Tips". 
On our website's "Planning Tips" page, and our Facebook Page
and my Facebook Profile
you'll find ( guess what? dozens of
my favorite tips for planning wedding and party music. 
Look them over.  I bet you'll see a few you haven't thought of.  
See what I mean?  Please call me for more. 

Next time you plan wedding or party music,  call
and tell me about the mood 
you're looking for.  

Robbie Schlosser | Magnolia Jazz Band
"An inspired jazzman playing my way through life!"  

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in the SF Bay Area 
in the last 40 years, or you enjoyed our music somewhere, or we met at an
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