Spring 2017
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Visit I-View Now at ISC West 2017

Come see us and see our new features, integrations, and learn ways for you to protect your customers and generate new sources of recurring revenue.

I-View Now will also be in the Honeywell booth supporting our integrations to Honeywell AlarmNet, Total Connect, Performance Sieries Recorders, and MAXPRO Cloud.

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Did you know that you can help local children in need while at ISC West? A portion of the Security 5k proceeds will be donated directly to Rex Bell Elementary School, a Title One School in Las Vegas! Join the hundreds of industry leaders who have already pledged to make a difference in the life of children in need! 

I-View Now Video Verification Prevents False Dispatch

What saved the above Verizon store's local police department from exhausting unnecessary resources responding to a false dispatch?
I-View Now technology!

A little girl in a Verizon Retail store in Jackson, Michigan found the panic button under the counter and pushed it.  Watch the video on our YouTube channel

Normally, an alarm event created by a panic button in a commercial entity signals duress, and would warrant police arriving with guns drawn.

This store is monitored by I-View Now Ready Dealer,  Comtronics. When the panic button was pushed, video of the alarm event was sent to their central monitoring station,  NMC, as well as to the owner of the Verizon store.  The owner of the store could clearly see the alarm was due to the little girl's wandering hands, and not an actual threat, so they were able to call the central monitoring station directly from the link provided by I-View Now, to cancel the alarm and prevent the police arriving with lights, sirens, and guns pulled.
I-View Now Ready Dealers

Join the growing number of I-View Now Ready and I-View Now Ready PRO dealers. Here are just a few who have completed training this year:

Custom Alarm, I-View Now Ready PRO

Home Pro, Inc, I-View Now Ready PRO

Ener-Tel Services, I-View Now Ready PRO

ADS Tuscaloosa, I-View Now Ready PRO

ADS Myrtle Beach, I-View Now Ready PRO

CONTACT US today to learn more about how you and your company can become an I-View Now Ready Dealer.

Make Your Company

I-View Now Dealer Program -With the rapid changes in the security industry is not easy to "put it all together" and go to market with new products and services.  That is why I-View Now formed the I-View Now Dealer Program.  Our experience and industry leading team will equip you with the knowledge and training tools you need to succeed.

Go to market Strategy - This one on one process will help you develop pricing, creation costs, market segments and other vital elements that will help you succeed.

Marketing Plan -
We have developed End User Brochures , Risk Assessments, the I-View Now Sales Demo Portal, and other mar
keting tools. Your brand and company elements included so your company is ready to go to market.  

Online Sales Training -
- Planned Presentation
- Interactive Demo
- How to design video verified systems
- Quizzes and Tests

When your sales team completes this training they are ready to go to the field and sell Central Station Video Services.

  Online Tech Training - 
- How verification works
- How to install video verification systems
- Installations best practices
- How to trouble shoot video verification systems
Quizzes and Tests
Your technicians will learn how to install and trouble shoot the equipment that you have chosen to sell with Central Station Video Services.

Join our growing dealer group and learn from the experts in video verification solutions.
I-View Now - In The News

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Join PPVAR - Help Forge the Future of Alarm Response

Partnership for Priority Verified Alarm Response has many ways to participate and to contribute your expertise.  Join a committee and have a voice in these critical efforts. Learn more on ppvar.org

Attend "The Future Of Priority Response" panel discussion at ISC West.  April 6th at 4PM in room 701/702