February 2016 - eNewsletter

Welcome to our 1st e-Newsletter of 2016!  I hope it's been a good year for you so far.

Yes, you read the topic right, I'm going to Australia! Once again I get the opportunity, honour and privilege to represent Canada, Victoria and the Vancouver Island Paddling Club at the World Club Crew Championships.  This time it's in Adelaide, Australia.  It was an amazing experience when the Gorging Dragon crews went to Italy in September 2014 and came home with some "bling".  Now, I'm excitedly looking forward to repeating the experience.

The only downside to this trip is that instead of there being a 1 week break between Boot Camp classes, this time there will be 3 weeks.  The next Training Session (see below for more detailed info) ends on Friday, March 25th and I fly out that afternoon. After the racing, and a bit of time for me to explore some of the country while I'm there, I return on April 12th and Boot Camp classes will begin again on April 18th.  To offset my extra time away, I will provide FREE email workout ideas (2 per week) and support for those clients that are in the Boot Camp session that ends on the 25th.  So, if you do those workouts, it equates to 7 weeks of training for the price of 4! 

Be Wary Of The Internet and Phone Apps!
With the massive proliferation of information on the internet and all the free apps you can get for your phone or tablet, it may seem like you don't need to hire a Trainer or attend a class.

But, none of them are as motivating and knowledgeable as an actual Trainer. None of them are capable of monitoring your technique to ensure that you're doing the exercise properly and don't injure yourself. None of them can provide a modification to the exercise that addresses your specific concerns or limitations. For those benefits, you have to make the time for some personal training or to attend an actual small group class with a certified trainer.

Our Next Boot Camp Starts SOON!
Group Hike
There'll never be a better time than NOW to make the commitment to invest in your health and fitness!  It's never too late to start and its never too late to try something new to you.

Join us!  Our next Boot Camp starts on Monday, February 29th.

Click on the link below for more detailed information on class dates/times.  Or, contact the office ( info@alteregofitness.ca or 250-590-3488) to register for the classes of your choice.
We offer small group workouts so you get more of the one-on-one attention you deserve and need.  All our classes enjoy an array of different styles of working out including cardio (this includes power walking) and strength training with weights and other equipment. We mix it up (along with working out at different locations) to keep it interesting and, yes, challenging.  I want you to feel good about your workout and feel strong and want more!

If you don't feel you can commit to set classes each week, we also offer some drop-in options as well.  And, remember, if our group Boot Camp classes aren't for you, we offer an array of Personal Training options too.
If you're interested in any of these training options or want to mix them up, please contact the office for details on a program that would work for you!
Kruger Omni Healing Treatments
Loreli is trained to provide these VERY non-intrusive, and gentle, treatments that are a quick and gentle adjustment designed to balance your body.

Please click on the link to find more information or call the office (250-590-3488) to book an appointment.


info@alteregofitness.ca                250-590-3488