Spring 2018 Newsletter
"Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush." ~ Doug Larson

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Mar-a-Way how-to!
Mar-a-Way how-to!

I just wanted to drop you a note.
We bought a home which had severely damaged kitchen and bath cabinets, due to the previous owners use of strong detergent and repeated water cleaning. They were in terrible shape. We had three choices: costly cabinet replacement or professional resurfacing, or trying to correct the finish ourselves. We ordered your Mar-A-Way Mahogany restorer in a effort to save our cabinets and unnecessary expense.
Wow, our cabinets look like new. They have a deep and rich appearance. The product was easy to apply and clean-up was a breeze. I wish I would have taken before and after pictures, you wouldn't believe it, but sadly I didn't.

Thank you for providing such a great product.
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Interesting small business facts.. 
April 29 to May 5th is National Small Business Week
  • Since 1990, large companies have eliminated 4 million jobs in the United States but small businesses have added 8 million new ones.
  • Small businesses inspire innovative ideas twice as much as big businesses, and tend to produce environmentally-friendly products. 
  • There are nearly 28 million small businesses in America. Of those 28 million, a full 22 million consists of one lone employee.
  On top of all that small businesses have to compete with big box stores & Amazon.  Small business owners strive to survive and one of the biggest advantages they have over large retailers is the ability to provide more personable, hands-on, and memorable customer service.
April is National Woodworking month!

  • Did you know where did the word "Table" originate from? Table is derived from the Latin word "Tabula" which means a plank or a flat piece of board.
  • In ancient times, only kings and the rich could sit on a chair with backs (as in thrones). So if you were born into meager surroundings then, you must have sat on a bench or a stool. 
  • Rocking chairs were invented in England in 1725. Some believe that it was invented by Benjamin Franklin and some historians believe that at the time of its invention, Benjamin Franklin was a child thus creating a contradiction. These chairs were famous because of their craftsmanship.
We LOVE hearing from our customers!

Hi, Janis, I'm liking your idea of the foam and fabric on plywood and attaching them with screws through the caning holes so I don't damage the chair seat frames.  I've been struggling with this whole thing because I've had caned chairs before that had had seats applied and then when I bought them and had them re-caned, there were all the nail marks on the seat frame. So-o, the idea of putting the screws through the caning holes in really appealing to me.  I think I'll have a go at one of them and see how it works.  Thanks a million. And tell whoever your customer service supervisor is that you two have been the best of the best in assisting me.
Thanks again,
FRCO Favorites Favorite
The products our experts love! 

A product we've been using and selling in our shop for more than 20 years!
Here's the 3 main things Mar a Way does:
1. It cleans wood, bringing back the color and luster to existing finishes.
2. It cleans and can restore a finish that has white spots caused by water or heat.

3. If you use one of the tinted options, it conceals nicks, scratches, and abrasions.
If you repair furniture, pianos or do upholstery, wiping your project down with Mar a Way before returning it to your customer will make a great impression!

N estle's CornerNestle
A dog's point of view...  
  I'm excited to get started on spring cleaning with Mar-a-Way. Janis & Steve told me they have used & sold it long before I was part of the FRCO family. If the wood in your doghouse needs a little TLC give it a try, I'm Pawsitive you will love it! 

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