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As I promised all of you awhile back, I'm embarking on a new series of paintings that are still race-related but with  a very different angle: Indian Relay! It's truly an extreme sport. Read on as I explain and show you my new pieces. 
Indian Relay Races
Over a year ago I channel-surfed onto a PBS documentary entitled: Indian Relay. I was astounded by the remarkable skill and horsemanship required to compete in these races, along with experiencing a humongous dose of inspiration. I wrote about my initial reaction on my blog here.

The short explanation:
Teams of different tribes compete on a circuit throughout the western states. They accumulate points which determine their participation in the final championships held in the fall at Billings, Montana.

The race itself:
One rider from the team races three times around a track on three different horses. Here's the relay part - after racing once around, the rider must jump off his horse and mount another. They do this BAREBACK.

Chaos, 30"x40", oil on canvas.
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The rider completes the first time around and heads his horse toward his awaiting team at the outside fence. Dismounting at nearly a full gallop, he must jump up on the second horse unaided. Then he does it again for a second round. The third time he rides straight to the finish line.

Night Racing, 16"x20", oil on panel.
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The "mugger" must catch the incoming horse as the rider runs to jump/swing/leapfrog up on the next. If a horse gets loose, the team is disqualified. The next ready horse, anticipating what's coming, is lunging and rearing in sheer excitement as the handler desperately tries to hold it. There are frequent misses in the exchange with resultant falling and dragging. I told you it was an extreme sport!

Hell-Bent, 30"x40", oil on canvas.
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The athleticism and bravery of these horsemen is insanely crazy and the exchange is fraught with collision and chaos. To watch as the rider jumps off in mid-air and uses the momentum to propel onto the next horse is as dangerous and thrilling as anything I've ever seen.

Before the Races, 16"x20", oil on panel.
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Exhibits and stuff
Horse Fever Artists - Where Are They Now?
Marion Cultural Alliance
23 SW Broadway. Ocala, FL
(352) 369-1500
As a two-time Horse Fever alumni, I have three paintings in this wonderful exhibit.
Until Jan. 28th.

Palm Beach Plein Air Fun Fest
at downtown Delray Beach, FL
Jan. 27-29
Web info here.
It will be so pleasant to plein air paint in the warm sunshine!

Thank you so much for reading this newsletter and supporting my artistic efforts. May you all have peaceful and prosperous 2017 that's full of potential.
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