Improving TSL is the most effective way to quickly boost your ratings performance. Some of these tactics may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many stations do not focus enough on the basics of driving more occasions of listening. Here is a checklist to help increase your TSL (and watch your ratings rise). 

Spend more time editing and reviewing the music log. Obvious yes, but with increasing time demands on PD's this is not always happening.  Areas to look at: 

Play the right songs. Seems obvious, but you'd be surprised. 

Keep the music tempo on an "even wave" with the accent on uptempo.

 Avoid c lumps of any one group of sounds. Example: Too many females, males, country, urban, type sounds etc.

Checking rotations to insure that songs are moving through the day-parts and hours properly.

Forget about "forced listening". The days of "Listen all day cause you never know when you can win" are gone. When it comes to contesting, today's tactics are: 

Tell them what they will win.
If its $100 don't say they could win "their share of $10,000"
Tell them exactly when they can win. The goal: Get them to stay longer, or come back (create another occasion). Example: "Listen for Kelly Clarkson's Heartbeat Song this morning at 10:20 and win $105."

Increase occurrences of listening by having multiple occurrences of winning. The more times a day they come to you the higher the ratings will be. Example: "3 chances to win today. Listen at 9:20, 1:20, and 3:30." 

Avoid using the word "details" when pre-promoting a promotion. It makes it sound to complicated. Better? "We'll tell you how easy it is to win."

"Be Brilliant with the Basics." PPM or diary, Identification still matters. Calls always first & last. Calls attached to all station events. Over 80% of diary entries are made using exact frequency. Make sure talent says calls and frequency slow and deliberate so diary keepers can record it properly. 

Morning shows should always promote ahead (to create that "next occasion"). The greatest bit/content is wasted without effective pre-promotion. Example: "This morning at 7:20, we'll tell you the five worst things you can say to a woman."

Each day's morning show promo (for next day tune-in) should contain a specific time and reason for tune in. If it is generic, it will not work as well. Example: "Join us tomorrow at 7:10 when we tell you the one song to listen for to win $1000.00".

Be famous for one thing. Total focus works. If it is more music. focus on it. Avoid selling multiple positions.