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A Personal Note from Susan

Yes, this is a personal note and very real experience that happened the day we left on our annual vacation earlier this month.  A little back story may be relevant for you to fully appreciate all the emotions that I was feeling in that moment, primarily ANGER
In preparation for our vacation, I was doing all the same things that you do, buttoning up projects, notifying clients, and making decisions on what to bring.  I had made a very big decision to not bring my laptop.  First time I'd ever traveled without it.  I've been making progress with my technology issues and had a new app called "Go To My PC" that allows me to access my computer from my phone.  My husband (yes, he's still my Prince Charming) and I also made another huge decision, and that was for the first time for a full week, to leave our two teenaged children (16 & 18) home alone. 
Then, it happened.  We had an early flight out and left our home before dawn with about an hour to get to the airport, thru security and board our flight.  In normal conditions this would have been fine, it was horrible weather, roads had not been cleared and when we had gotten about ten minutes from our home, I had that horrible flash...where was my cell phone?!  It only took me a split second for me to look over at my husband and ask in a very unfriendly, firm voice..."Did YOU put my phone on the charger last night?"  He just nodded yes, and I went off like a roman candle.  I recalled him asking me, the evening before, if I needed to charge my phone and I said no, I'll never remember it, and I have enough charge to get me to SC. 
That's when the cursing began, all by me, as we both realized we did not have time to turn around to get my phone without missing our flight.  As we drove the twenty minutes to the airport I continued dropping the F-bombs like the sailor's daughter that I amI was not nice.  I was downright mean, and I am not proud of myself. 
I was so ANGRY with my husband, I couldn't see straight!
There was no opportunity to speak, we needed to park the car, get to our gate where they were boarding our flight in less than ten minutes.  The negative energy between us was palpable.  I truly could not even look at my husband as I was still so angry
So why would I share something so personal, and unattractive with you; my friends, family, colleagues and clients?  Because of what happened next and over the following week.
I sat next to the window, then my husband, and then a third passenger; I'm sure she is a nice woman however; once again, we did not have the privacy we would need to release the tension.  And that's when it hit me...Sue, practice what you preach.  The first thought that occurred to me is from my study of A Course In Miracles (ACIM)...I choose to see this differently, I choose to see this differently, I choose to see this differentlyI felt an immediate softening in my stomach and tears welling up in my eyes.  I was inspired to take a pen from my purse and my boarding pass and write this note to my husband and hand it to him discreetly, this is what I wrote:
"Dear Jerry, I am so sorry for acting like such a bitch and for not being more understanding.  I know that you only meant to help me, as you always do.  Although I don't fully understand why this happened, I do fully trust that it is for our highest good.  I'm just nervous about not being as connected to the kids the first time they are home alone.  I love you; I'm truly sorry, please forgive me.  Your wife."
When he finished reading my note, he just held my hand, kissed me and looked into my soul and said I love you.  This miracle is what is described in ACIM as a Holy Instant.  All was healed.
The next thing I did was pick up the book that my Prince Charming bought for me before our trip because I mentioned that a client had recommended it.  I'll share the name of the book in my Resource section below, and yes, I highly recommend you read it!  Almost immediately, the author began referring to her study of A Course In Miracles and how powerfully it had impacted her life.  It put a big smile on my face and I looked out my window and said thank you God, I too KNOW that the universe has my back.
I, of course, have my husband's permission to share this story with you.  He has been a tremendous supporter of my work and I believe understood how reading this may positively impact your relationships and bring more joy into your life.  Our vacation, as you can see with these pics was filled with love, sunlight, good food and some tasty beverages J
Much love, and Happy Valentines' Day!
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Resource Center

A shout out to my client, Lesley, who recommended this amazing little book written by Gabrielle Bernstein entitled, The Universe Has Your Back - Transform Fear to Faith.
A highlight of this book was the chapter that walked you through a process of writing your own Faith Statement.  It was a free writing, no editing, just your first thoughts type of assignment and here is my Faith Statement:
"I believe in miracles, manifestation and unconditional love!  I believe we are all connected to each other and to Source.  Our purpose is to be love, in every situation, every day in every way possible."

A Thought to Ponder

"Recognize the other person is you."
By: Yogi Bhajan

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