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August 2012




Welcome to IASO's August Newsletter. We are pleased to share our latest news with you, please see our highlights below:    


  • IASO membership benefits; 
  • SCOPE School India is launched;    
  • Deadline application for STOCK Conferences is extended;
  • New research project welcomes Ella Zomer to the team;    
  • Exciting new member service for data requests; 
  • IASO Executive Director speaks at the International Congress and Convention Association's Asia Pacific Chapter's Educational Seminar;   
  • IASO collaborate with the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians; 
  • Download the latest papers from our leading journals;  
  • Energy project reaches final stages;
  • Latest articles of Obesity in the News;  
  • New law on food labeling and advertising to children. 
News from IASO's Executive Director

ChrisAs part of IASO's strategy to increase access to the benefits of membership of IASO we are starting to bring our meetings and events to our members, making them more accessible and affordable to attend. This year we are holding SCOPE Schools in Malaysia, India and the UK. We have also held Hot Topic Conferences in North America and Europe. Next year we are planning to hold SCOPE Schools in each of our membership regions and to run a number of Hot Topic Conferences regionally making them more accessible to members. Holding our events more regionally has also enabled us to work in partnership with our National Association Members by jointly hosting the events.


For every event we also offer substantial member discounts. We are launching a new 'Members Area' towards the end of this year and once launched these discounts will be available to members via this new area. The new Members Area will allow individual members easy access to all the benefits that IASO offer including, discounted journals, prevalence data including unique charts and figures and discounts to our new e-learning programme.


Thank you for your support.

Chris Signature  

Chris Trimmer

Executive Director 


IASO Events 

IASO are very excited to officially launch SCOPE School India! This 3 day workshop will take place at the Hilton Janak Puri, Delhi from Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th November 2012. SCOPE is IASO's official obesity education programme, designed for all health professionals. The aim of the SCOPE Schools is to develop a coherent approach to obesity management through education and recognition of professional expertise in obesity and its related co-morbidities. View the provisional programme.  





Places are still available for SCOPE School Cambridge which is taking place at the Moller Centre from Friday 31st August - Sunday 2nd September. Click here to view the latest programme, which features essential information on very low calorie diets, measures to maintain weight loss, bariatric surgery, pregnancy, obesity in children and how to talk to your patients.   








The application deadline for both of our 2012 Stock Conferences has been extended to Friday 10th August 2012. If you wish to attend, please send your application form and CV to stock@iaso.org. Visit our website pages for further details.  


Please contact the events team if you have any questions - events@iaso.org 


New Project - New Staff

IASO has launched a one-year research project investigating the potential health benefits that might be gained from small reductions in weight, and we welcome our new staff member Ella Zomer to help us complete the project.


Ella has newly arrived from Melbourne, Australia, where she has been working in obesity and cardiovascular health, including micro-simulation techniques for predicting health impacts.


Our new project includes an extensive systematic review of the science, detailed analyses of intervention trial data, and economic modelling of the results to show the potential value of the health benefits to health services.


For more details contact Rachel Jackson-Leach rleach@iaso.org 


Obesity Data Portal

Work on our data portal continues and this month includes updates from China, Ecuador, Rwanda, Senegal and Zimbabwe. To view these new updates and explore the other resources that are available please visit our obesity data portal page.   


New Member Service - Data Analysis


We are inundated with requests for data for use in reports, presentations and analysis. In response we are introducing a new membership data request service. This month, after a request from a member of one of our National Associations we conducted an analysis to estimate the numbers of individuals (aged 18years or above) overweight or obese in France, Italy, Germany and the UK.  

Click here to view the chart in more detail. 




Please note we cannot facilitate all requests however if you have a specific requirement for a presentation or report and we are able to assist we will do so. All charts/tables/slides will be made available for download within our obesity portal, these can be reproduced but with permission only. Permission requests containing a brief outline of use should be directed to obesity@iaso.org 


Invitation to participate at the ICCA Asia Pacific Chapter

In order to boost the visibility of IASO as a globally active professional organisation within the meetings industry IASO's Executive Director, Chris Trimmer, accepted an invitation to speak at the International Congress and Convention Association's (ICCA) Asia Pacific Chapter's Educational Seminar

in Kuching, Malaysia on the 6th July 2012. With more than 900 member companies and organisations representing various sectors of the meetings industry in 88 countries worldwide, ICCA is currently the most global organisation within the meetings industry. The ICCA Asia Pacific Chapter is a regional grouping of 180 members, representing professional organisations in the meetings industry in 15 countries and 64 cities in the region.


Chris' talk gave an association perspective on the current meetings environment. The event gave IASO the opportunity to network with industry professionals in the Asia Pacific region in advance of ICO in 2014 and to continue to develop its events with a view to delivering direct benefit to IASO members in the region. IASO's National Member, the Malaysian Association for the Study of Obesity (MASO) were also represented by Dr Mahenderan Appukutty, who is a MASO Council Member, by attending the gala dinner the night before the Educational Seminar.



IASO collaborates with the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD)

Chris Trimmer has also been invited to join the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD) Scientific Reference and Advisory Committee. EFAD's Scientific Reference and Advisory Committee has been established to support the development of EFAD's business capabilities, and among other things develop the impact it has on behalf of its member associations. We look forward to forging a collaborative relationship with EFAD and will keep you updated on any new initiatives that come out of this new development.


EFAD's mission is to support their Member Associations in developing the role that dietitians have in reducing inequalities and improving nutritional health in Europe. Their upcoming events include a conference on 'Lifelong Learning for a secure nutrition future' which is being held in Slovenia in October. To find out more please visit their website at http://www.efad.org/everyone or join their LinkedIn group here.




Clinical Obesity...


A message from Professor Nick Finer, Editor-in-Chief and Dr Matt Sabin, Deputy Editor... 


Matt Sabin - COB

Nick Finer Volume 2 Issue 1-2 is now available to download - all papers have free access!! Highlights include:


- Waist-to-height ratio to assess cardiometabolic risk

- Weight outcomes in a primary care/commercial weight management scheme

- Acceptance and commitment therapy for bariatric surgery patients

- Thyroid function after gastric bypass surgery

- Amino acid profiles and visceral fat accumulation 

- Liver fat content in obese children

- Abdominal obesity in Finnish adults 


Submit your paper to Clinical Obesity today...





Obesity Reviews... 


A message from Professor David York, Editor-in-Chief...


The August Issue of Obesity Reviews contains 7 reviews. The first review (Ng and Popkin) has already attracted much attention after a press release. It presents a global perspective on the decline in physical activity and increase in sedentary behaviors from data accumulated in 5 different countries (USA, UK, Brazil, China and India) across multiple continents using time allocation and energy expenditure data sets. The second review (Chaput et al) questions whether obesity is a disease or a biological adaptation. You will have to read this to see if you agree with their conclusion. This is followed by a review of lifestyle intervention as a strategy for preventing weight gain in young adults (Hebden et al). Assessment of physical activity in normal living environments presents a significant problem for researchers. The next paper (Foley et al) is a systematic review of self-report use of time tools as an approach to this problem. Childhood obesity is an increasing focus for health care and Sumara et al review the insight that has been gained from the use of imaging techniques (MRI and CT) in children and youth groups. The discovery of leptin was a major advance in our understanding of obesity but our full understanding of the multiplicity of functions of this hormone is still developing. Moraes-Vieira et al review the possible role of leptin in kidney disease and question whether it mediates the link between the immune system and kidney-related diseases or merely acts as a coadjuvant. Finally Webber and colleagues have used a microsimulation modeling system to project obesity and  its Comorbidity trends in Eastern Europe and identify the potential impact of effective obesity treatment/prevention strategies on the health of this population.  There is lots of interesting new insight and some provocative suggestions within these reviews. I would welcome "letters to the editor" if you feel the need to respond.

Again let me remind readers to go to the Wiley website (www.obesityreviews.net) where you can see all the manuscripts for forthcoming issues as well as the virtual supplements including new ones on outcomes of bariatric surgery and childhood obesity. Read the August Issue of Obesity Reviews.





Pediatric Obesity...


A message from Professor Michael Goran, Editor-in-Chief... 


Michael Goran

The latest volume of Pediatric Obesity contains 7 new original articles, an editorial and a review titled "Overweight and Obese Teenagers: Why is Adolescence a Critical Period?". Of Special interest this volume contains a new paper with updated definitions of childhood obesity based on body mass index (read article), with an accompanying editorial on this topic (read article). The paper and the editorial are available as free pdfs. One other paper of note has been made freely available by pdf and examines the relationship between endocrine factors in breast milk and infant growth and development (read article). 

Read the second Virtual Issue on Promising Interventions and Intervention Strategies for Childhood Obesity.

Submit your paper to Pediatric Obesity today... 





International Journal of Obesity...


Did you know that IJO publishes a quarterly Pediatric Highlights issue? In January, April, July and October the front half of the journal is dedicated to the leading pediatric research and review articles submitted to the journal as chosen by the Editors. See a pick of recent articles below:


Childhood obesity and risk of the adult metabolic syndrome: a systematic review




ENERGY project reaches final stages


The European Commission-funded project on energy balance-related behaviour among children aged 10-12 years has reached its closing month, after 3.5 years' work including surveys of children in five countries and intervention trials to reduce sedentary behaviour in six countries across the European region.


IASO has led the project's work to disseminate the results and interpret them for health educators and policy-makers. Survey results have recently been reported in two open access papers, please view PLoS ONE and Pediatric Obesity and the pilot intervention study is being written in a format for health educators, teachers and policy-makers and will shortly be available on the ENERGY website www.projectenergy.eu 


For more details and copies of papers please contact Tim Lobstein tlobstein@iaso.org


Obesity in the News


Latest articles of obesity in the news...


Please note that all external links are provided for information only, their inclusion is not indicative of IASO endorsement.


New obesity drug that may aid weight loss and maintenance (August 1st, 2012)

The new drug increases sensitivity to leptin and reduces appetite has only been tested on mice. Further research is required on the effects in humans.  


Drop out rates at weight loss clinics found to be barrier to weight loss (August 1st, 2012)  

Weight loss clinics have been proven to have good success rates for weight loss but only if participants complete the programmes. This recent study over 6 years found that 43% of patients did not complete the program.    


Canada: Canada's food guide misunderstood (August 1st, 2012)  

Canadian health experts had devised a guide to assist the public make the correct food choices and assist portion control. Researchers have however discovered that the guide is poorly understood and does not translate well in practice.  


Click headlines to read the full story.


To see more of the latest articles of obesity in the news please visit: http://www.iaso.org/resources/obesity-news/ 


Other News
 Food Labeling and Advertising to Children

The Chilean Congress,  passed Law No. 20,606 and as of July 6, 2012 it is published in the Official Gazette.

This Act establishes the obligation by the Ministry of Health to define by regulation foods considered  "unhealthy", i.e. high in energy/calories, salt (sodium), fat, saturated fat and sugar.  These foods may not be sold, marketed, promoted and/ or publicized within the kindergarten/nursery level educational establishments, basic and junior-high school across the country.

In addition, the sale of foods especially for minors may not be induced using commercial  "gimmicks"  "hooks" or other enticements related to the promotion of the product itself; this includes: gifts, contests, games or other items to attract children. The advertising of products identified as high in calories, fat, sugar and salt shall not be targeted to children fourteen years of age or younger. For purposes of this Act "shall not" applies to any and all forms of advertising promotion, communication, recommendation, advertising, information or actions to promote the consumption of such a product.

This Act is intended to facilitate the selection of healthy foods by Chilean consumers, protect children from advertising of "unhealthy" foods or any promotion associated with such foods; it is also intended to relieve buying pressure in schools and provide a strong support for consumption of  "healthy foods and drinks" through health and nutrition education. It should also serve as a powerful incentive for food companies to improve the nutritional quality of processed foods and avoid ultra-processed foods.

You are invited to write to and congratulate the Chilean Political Leaders that supported the passage of this Act:  The drivers of this legislation were Senator Guido Girardi (ggl@senado.cl), Minister of Health Dr Jaime Ma´┐Żalich (jmanalich@minsal.cl) and President Don Sebastian (Pinera Casa de la Moneda, Santiago, Chile).


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