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February 2013



Welcome to IASO's February Newsletter. Please see this month's highlights below:     


  • Registration is now open for our Hot Topic Conferences;
  • Abstract submissions now open for both of our Hot Topic Conferences;         
  • Updates on data in Algeria, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia available from our Obesity Data Portal;    
  • Download the latest papers from our leading journals; 
  • Latest articles of Obesity in the News;
  • Join our social media network; 
  • John Hopkins Global Centre on Childhood Obesity seeking project applications.  



Hot Topic

Registration is NOW OPEN for our two Hot Topic Conferences.  


'Obesity, Physical Activity and Cancer' will be held in London from 16th - 17th April.  

'Obesity and Pregnancy' will be held in Boston from 15th - 17th May.   

Abstracts are now being accepted for both of these conferences, download the abstract guidelines here.
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IASO will once again be holding two Stock Conferences this year. The 12th Stock Conference; 'Functional body composition and related aspects in research on obesity and cachexia' will be held in Hamburg, Germany from Friday 6th - 7th September. The 13th Stock Conference entitled 'Metabolically healthy and unhealthy obese' will be held in the Dominican Republic from 26th - 27th October. As always, places will be confirmed based on competitive entry. We will start accepting applications for both Stock Conferences from Monday 18th February.


For more information on any of our events please contact the events team - events@iaso.org.


Obesity Data Portal 

This month we have updates on data in Algeria, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia. To view updates and explore the other resources that are now available please visit our obesity data portal page here.   


New Childhood Global estimates coming soon. We are currently working on updating our childhood overweight and obesity prevalence estimates. We hope to release these in time for our next newsletter.


Clinical Obesity...


A message from Dr Matt Sabin, Deputy Editor...


Clinical Obesity Journal

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that Clinical Obesity, the latest peer-reviewed journal to be launched by the International Association for the Study of Obesity, is really gathering speed. In 2012, we received 74 papers for consideration of publication and, as the journal is new and not yet listed, we were really impressed by this as well as the overall quality of the submitted manuscripts. Of course, not all were acceptable for publication and we had to reject approximately 1 in 4 papers but this really highlights the need for a journal that covers clinical issues. Clinical Obesity isn't just another obesity journal. Its aim is to publish high quality, translational and clinical research papers/reviews which focus on the clinical management of obesity and its comorbidities. As such, we are really interested in papers that address specific clinical issues. We'll be putting out a call for papers in particular areas in the near future, which will likely include the topics of clinical management of obesity in young children, pregnancy and older age - watch this space.


Volume 2, Issues 5-6 is now ready to be published and features some interesting topics. For example, a nice piece by Armstrong and colleagues highlights the importance of including hydration in public health dietary recommendations, and there are some interesting papers addressing online news media coverage of weight loss surgery, socioeconomic and obstetrical correlates of prepregnancy BMI and gestational weight gain, and a paper which addresses evaluation of eating-disordered behaviours following bariatric surgery. There are other interesting papers too - don't just take our word for it, but click to the website and explore what's there.


Unlike many other journals, we are also interested in receiving case reports - especially those which highlight novel or emerging problems in the clinical management of obesity. Clinical Obesity Management is a relatively new field of modern medicine and we are all learning. In this issue, we include a case report of a pharmacobezoar in an obese patient following the insertion of an intragastric balloon. We welcome these types of informative case reports, as well as those that discuss aspects of an interesting clinical picture.


2013 promises to be an exciting year for Clinical Obesity. We have nearly reached a position to apply for listing on PubMed and our readership is quickly growing. Professor Nick Finer and I are extremely grateful to the support of IASO and Wiley in this new endeavour, and would like to thank the submitting authors, as well as our hard working editorial board and reviewers for getting us to this position. Roll on 2013.


Obesity Reviews... 


A message from Professor David York, Editor-in-Chief...


This month's Obesity Reviews brings 6 reviews covering a wide range of topics. The first (Lim et al) assesses the effects of overweight, obesity and central obesity on the reproductive, metabolic and psychological features of polycystic ovary syndrome. This is followed by a review (Powell et al) that assesses the effectiveness of beverage and food taxes and subsidies on prices, demand and body weight, contributing to the highly topical ongoing public health debate on this matter. The effectiveness of alginate dietary supplements and their mechanisms of action is the focus of the third review article by Jensen and colleagues. The potential role of a personalized medicine approach to the prevention, management and treatment of obesity in woman is reviewed by Yang et al. With the increasing prevalence of childhood obesity has come a wide ranging discussion of approaches to prevent and reverse this trend. A logic model developed by the French EPODE program covering political commitment, partnerships, social marketing and evaluation is presented by Van Koperen et al as the 5th review. Finally, Petersen et al highlight the chronic disease risk for adults with cerebral palsy and highlight the roles of sedentary behavior, obesity and sarcopenia in enhancing the disease risk in adults.


Submit your paper to Obesity Reviews today...




Pediatric Obesity...


A message from Professor Michael Goran, Editor-in-Chief...

The February issue of Pediatric Obesity is currently available online and all papers are available as pdf for a limited time.  


Submit your best work to the leading journal in the field, via our online peer-review system.

Follow Pediatric Obesity's Editor (@michaelgoran) on Twitter!


Submit your paper to Pediatric Obesity today... 




International Journal of Obesity...


IJO Cover

Did you know that IJO publishes a quarterly Pediatric Highlights issue? In January, April, July and October the front half of the journal is dedicated to the leading pediatric research and review articles submitted to the journal as chosen by the Editors. See a pick of recent articles below:


Pharmacotherapy for childhood obesity: present and future prospects


Just as smart but not as successful: obese students obtain lower school grades but equivalent test scores to nonobese students


Overweight impairs efficacy of iron supplementation in iron-deficient South African children: a randomized controlled intervention


Factors predicting severe childhood obesity in kindergarteners


Using routinely collected growth data to assess a school-based obesity prevention strategy


Submit your paper to IJO today...   


Obesity in the News 

Latest articles of obesity in the news...


Please note that all external links are provided for information only, their inclusion is not indicative of IASO endorsement.


UK: Obesity and blood pressure (February 5th, 2013)

The University of Bristol and the British Heart Foundation have undertaken research to identify the cause of obesity related raised blood pressure.         


UK: Calorie counts for alcohol (February 2nd, 2013)

The government is working with the drinks industry to provide clearer improved labels including calorie contents in an aim to reduce the 'beer' belly.      


Research has found that bariatric patients can improve their long term success with pre and post-operative counselling to increase physical activity.


The first issue of Molecular Metabolism has now been published online. The articles are available with open access on Science Direct here.


To see more of the latest articles of obesity in the news please visit: http://www.iaso.org/resources/obesity-news/

Social Media 

As we enter the second month of the year and we settle back into our routines keeping up to date with the latest studies, stories and fallacies surrounding obesity and related NCDs becomes increasingly important. Here at IASO we are exploiting a number of different avenues to help keep you in touch including Twitter, LinkedIn and email. Follow IASO on Twitter @_IASO_ and the rest of the team including @IASO_Chris, @IASO_Claire, @hannahbrins and @moqutub.

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Other News

The NIH-funded Johns Hopkins Global Center on Childhood Obesity (JHGCCO) is seeking applications to jump start systems-oriented childhood obesity research in a rapidly changing physical and policy environment by supporting opportune rapid response pilot projects with timelines that would not allow funding through the regular NIH review cycles. Similar RFAs will be released semi-annually between 2011-2016. Visit the Center website here for related information.  


We invite applications from investigators in the United States and globally for innovative rapid response pilot projects using "systems science" concepts or frameworks to examine time sensitive environmental mechanisms or policy changes related to the childhood obesity epidemic. See the RFA for a detailed description of what constitutes "systems science". Projects should have the potential to inform the development or confirmation of community- or population-based interventions.

Up to 3 projects this round, each up to $30,000 total costs, will be funded. A Study Concept Summary is due on 14th February 2013, and invited full proposals are due on 18th March 2013. More details available here.  



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